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    Homebrew RELEASE Switch Remote Play - Stream your PC to your Switch

    Hey, first and foremost thanks for creating such a great app. With the well written instructions I got it working in no time at all. Streaming Videos and Games from my PC works great with little to no delay most of the time. But is there any way to improve the audio streaming? Because for me PC...
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    Tutorial [Tutorial] Compiling and installing Barrier (synergy fork) for KVM L4T Ubuntu

    I know I'm a bit late to the party, but thanks for writing this tutorial. I just set up L4T Ubuntu on my switch and so far had no luck with installing Barrier either from the flatpak or the snap. I thought that compiling it from source might be the solution, so this really helps. Will try and...
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    Hacking [Release] DarkU

    Well done. Does the theme stay even after a reboot of the console once applied?
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    Hacking Ocarina Code Manager for PC

    It can still be found on the german wii hacking site site Download Link Page with description / overview
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    Homebrew [Discontinued] TWLoader - CTR-mode NDS app

    Simply press L+R+A+B+X+Y to soft reset the game you are currently playing
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    Hacking Help me with Haxchi, please

    The icon you describe is the icon of the homebrew launcher channel for the wii u used to launch homebrew applications off the sd card as the name implies. Have a look here for more info. To get a better understanding of HaxChi I recommend reading this FAQ
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    Homebrew Why can't we directly record the screens with NTR?

    Actually some progress has been made in this direction, at least for New 3DS Owners, have a look: NTR Firmware Update with 30-Second video recording feature
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    Hacking Nintendont

    Nintendont injected as a WiiVC simply has no USB access and can only read games from the SD card.
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    Gaming Amiibo problems with Zelda Breath of the Wild Wii U

    You have to select and activate the amiibo rune in the game first in order to scan amiibo. To do so, press and hold up on the D-Pad and select the amiibo rune on the far right by pressing the R-Button as many times as needed. After selecting the rune, let go of the D-Pad and press the L-Button...
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    Hacking [RELEASE] WiiVC Injector Script (GC/Wii/Homebrew Support)

    Thanks for the answer. Since I only have a handfull of Guitar Hero / Rock Band titles and do not play them as much as other games, I'll probably use wiiflow or cfg usb loader to load them from a SD Card in vwii mode. The weekend gives me time to do some reading on how things work and then I will...
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    Hacking [RELEASE] WiiVC Injector Script (GC/Wii/Homebrew Support)

    First and foremost thanks to everyone involved in this be it by writing / providing all the helpful tools and resources or researching how things could work in the first place. Seeing how things evolved I'm thinking about converting my GameCube and Wii library, or at least most of it, into WiiU...
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    Homebrew [Release] Zelda 3T for 3DS

    So I started playing using v0.2 alpha and while I did not see any typos, I came across something strange in the first dungeon of the game. In the temple of courage on floor B1F in the room in the lower right corner there is a pushable block that can be pushed through the entire room. Is this...
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    Hacking USB Loader GX - Classic Controller Controls?

    Make sure the Wiimote that the Classic Controller is connected to points away from the screen and then use the left stick to move the cursor. As long as the Wiimote is pointing towards the TV, it will be bound to the cursor instead
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    Gaming Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wold DLC

    Make sure the game is updated to the latest version and that you have the free language pack dlc installed (can be done through the eshop) and then proceed to install the Master Trials dlc with WUP installer. As mentioned before, the game and the dlc have to be installed to the same location and...
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