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    Hacking My switch downloaded update

    A Transformer telling you to put it in airplane mode. Awesome.
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    Hacking Question Hacked amiibos without nfc tags ?

    Not true. I use N2 Elite. Works great.
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    Hacking hactool release by SciresM

    Flip your Switch over HAC-001.
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    Hacking RawkSD

    Sounds like you're not choosing your SD card from the Rawk3 PC app when you're installing songs. -LeeSD
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    Hacking RawkSD

    Aaron & Tueidj (and others less involved) did an amazing job with Rawk3. Purgartorio by Shadow Cast (charted by Inim) is the best custom and right up there for the funnest Rock Band song to play on any instrument. I can't wait to see some...
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    Hacking Would it be possible to make a IOS hack..

    So you are old enough to "buy an M rated game on launch day" but still have your Mom busting your nuts over over a game? Either you're not a very good liar or you're fucking pathetic and need to grow a pair. Lovingly, -LeeSD
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    Hacking singing

    You can try making a 3rd thread in an hour. -LeeSD
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    Hacking Wiiflow 254 Question

    You can search for the emulators on WiiTDB and put them into root:wiiflow/boxcovers manually. Just rename the cover ID to your forwarder's ID and Wiiflow will automatically create, cache and display your covers when you start it up. If you enter "homebrew" or "channels" in the "type" field on...
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    Hacking My modded Wii is completely blocked from doing System Updates

    These Wii related files are not allowed to be hosted on, linked to or requested for on GBAtemp for legal reasons and forum policy. Wii Game ISO's Virtual Console/Wiiware wads cIOS (custom IOS) wads IOS wads Wii System Menu wads Including components of these files (game data (dol/elf, .app...
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    Hacking WiiFlow - an open source GUI USB-Loader

    schroder08: Wiiflow launches discs on whatever cIOS it's running on. Run Wiiflow with Waninkoko's cIOS rev20 base 56 and it should recognize both your DLC on SDHC and your USB instruments. I don't have an SDHC card to confirm, but I know the USB instruments work for sure. Hope this helps. Try...
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