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    ROM Hack Looking for a Translator.

    I can't promise anything massive, as I know very little about the series itself and am a bit short on time atm, but I've done a couple of years of Japanese at Uni. If you put a spreadsheet up I'll do what I can on there
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    ROM Hack Official translation requests topic

    This is due out in the US/EU in March so no point. Otherwise I would have asked ages ago!
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    ROM Hack First look at Tales of Hearts

    As Apex said, if you can get the info out into text files or something, then I'm happy to have a look at translating some of it. It's been a while since I did any translating, but 2 years studying Japanese and a huge load of reference books have to come in useful somehow ^_-
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    ROM Hack Ragnarok Online DS (JPN) Official English Translation Thread

    Yamakawa Bros, While I respect the amount of work you've obviously put into this, I suspect another poster got it right earlier with: Suspend and Save Suspend and Load Memo Save Load in the msg_menu file rather than your: Saved suspended Rhodes suspended Notepad Save Rhodes Just a heads up ^_-
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    ROM Hack Ragnarok Online DS (JPN) Official English Translation Thread

    I've been doing a lot of translating on this myself, working with Litium on this in the last few days, system menu is about 80% (although like Romruto it crashes in the item menu). I've also got about 50% of the town Kafra menu done, other bits and pieces and the first part of the opening...
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