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    Hacking Rcm won't work on my switch?

    just found out xkw70006088 is not hackable will i have to wait for this patch to be hackalable
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    Hacking Question My switch is in RCM mode, however the TegraRcmGui does not recognize my device.

    so i entered my switch serial number in xkw70006 it said not patched and then when i tried to inject the pay load using tegra rcm i was holding down volume up button and connected the usb c cable from computer to switch and it shows green but it wont inject the payload it freezes and i tried it...
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    Homebrew RELEASE Incognito

    i just realized that i need to get the usb c to usb a cable then i have everything i need (rcm tool, 64 sd card microdia sd card reader that has a usb port to plug into the computer when transfering downloaded nsp or xci games to the switch, and following all protocol so i avoid bans, im buying...
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    Homebrew RELEASE Incognito

    hi there again, do you think i should hi again could you tell me in order what programmes to download, and i will deffinitely get emmunand first, what version of incognito and others to download oh i see so everything gets wiped for ever anything to download those games, im not playing online...
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    Homebrew RELEASE Incognito

    hello there, omg thankyou for replying back to me and helping me out, so i will set up emunand first which is your recomendation then do i set up tinfoil and incognito, im not going ahead until im confident im doing everything in order, thankyou for that, also i cant afford the nintendo games...
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    Homebrew RELEASE Incognito

    hello everyone, so i have a homebrew 3ds and my friend told me not to hack my switch but then i read comments on here about incognito and 90dns that prevent the nintendo servers from reaching my console, and i feel so relieved that there is a programme out there that can do it, waiting for my...
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    Hacking 90dns games

    Hello all, I'm waiting on my 64g sd card to arrive by courier and feel comfortable that omce I homebrew my switch running firmware 11.0.01 I will then download games on my desktop then transfer the nsp or xci files on to my 64g sd card and then onto switch, does anyone know if I have 90dns...
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