Nov 26, 2002 (Age: 19)
Console collector and modder




Important consoles: 1x iQue Player (HackIt patcher CFW!), 1x :switch: (Atmosphère 0.10.2 on 9.1.0), 1x iQue 3:nds: XL (Luma and T/K EmuNANDs), 1x iQue :nds: lite (stock)
All consoles are Eur unless specified
Proudly running HiyaCFW through Unlaunch
Unlaunch day 1 installer, HiyaCFW day 1 installer
1x NES (switched lockout chip)
3x SNES (one with RGB, switched 60Hz and switched lockout chip, one with a Super Gameboy hanging out of it, one stock)
1x SFC (Jap, stock)
3x N64 (2x Eur, one with S-Video, one stock, 1x USA, stock)
4x GCN (3x Eur, one with XenoGC, WaveBird receiver and SD card slot, two stock, 1x Jap, switched (Jap ↔ USA))
1x Wii U (Coldboot Haxchi, sigpatches and stuff, Smash Stack modded vWii with cIOS)
1x Wii (OHBC, Priiloader, BootMii as boot2, cIOS etc.)
1x Wii mini (Homebrew Channel because fullmetal5 is awesome)
1x Switch (Atmosphère 0.10.2 on 9.1.0)
1x Switch Lite (stock)
2x Dreamcast (One internal VGA and SD card slot, one stock)
3x XBox (one TSOPed with IND-BIOS, two softmodded)
1x PS (stock)
1x PSone (stock)
1x PS2 phat (FreeMCBoot memory cards)
1x PS3 Super Slim (HAN I guess)
1x NES Classic Mini (Hakchi2 and RetroArch)
1x SNES Classic Mini (Hakchi2 and RetroArch)
2x GB (one Bivert Backlit, one stock)
1x GBC (stock)
2x GBA (stock)
1x GBA SP (stock)
2x GB Micro (1x Eur, stock, 1x Chn, stock)
1x Pokémon Mini (Ditto Mini flashcart, woo)
1x NDS (stock, in pieces)
2x DS lite (stock, in pieces)
2x DS lite (1x Eur, FlashMe, 1x Chn, stock)
1x DSi (stock, in pieces)
1x DSi (HiyaCFW 1.3.2 1.4.5E through Unlaunch 1.9)
1x DSi XL (HiyaCFW 1.3.1 1.4.5U through Unlaunch 0.9)
1x New 3DS XL (Boot9Strap 1.3 & Luma3DS 9.something 11.something-somethingE, lent to a friend)
1x New 3DS XL SNES Edition (:D) (Fastboot3DS & Luma3DS 10.1.1 11.13.0-45E, EmuNANDs on 11.13.0-45U, 11.13.0-45J and 11.13.0-39K)
1x iQue 3DS XL (^_^) (Chn, Boot9Strap 1.3 & Luma3DS 10.1.1 11.13.0-4C, EmuNANDs on 11.13.0-37T and 11.13.0-39K) (not a typo, it really is -4 for China)
1x 3DS (Boot9Strap 1.3 & Luma3DS 10.1.1 11.13.0-45E, EmuNANDs on 11.13.0-45U and 11.13.0-45J)
1x PSP (6.61 PRO-C ∞)
1x iQue Player (Chn, HackIt patcher CFW)
1x NVIDIA SHIELD (Chinese version, those Wii games)


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