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    Hacking Atmosphere-NX - Custom Firmware in development by SciresM

    I fixed it, thanks. Turns out, I was using old version of hekate payload in Android. After upgrading to 5.6.2 it booted up just fine. Now off to upgrading to 13.0 FW.
  2. Jaimy

    Hacking Atmosphere-NX - Custom Firmware in development by SciresM

    I keep getting the same error "A fatal error has occurred while running Atmosphere Program ID: 0100000000000008" etc And if I delete old atmosphere folder and do fresh install, I get "fusee-secndary.bin can't be found". I've edited the hecate-ipl.ini to point towards new file formats, yet I...
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    Hacking TX Demos SX OS v3.0.0 Running On Switch Lite

    Good shit TX. My Lite is my clean online console. But when it gets hacked I'll sell my OG unpatched Switch with SX and grab V2 for online play. Then Lite would be perfect for emulation and other stuff. Its the new PSP 2.
  4. Jaimy

    Hacking Interesting Switch Ban...

    How did you restore saves in your official clean NAND? If you ran checkpoint while being in a clean NAND then its nor "clean" any more. Fyi I got banned couple of weeks ago for doing the exact same thing. Even if you do it completely offline, running homebrew and save injection will leave a...
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    Hacking Discussion Nintendo banning from CDN

    I went through the discord conversation. OP seems to be the original donor of the cert used in HACDN and CDNSP right from the beginning.
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    Hacking Discussion Nintendo banning from CDN

    Who else has reported it?
  7. Jaimy

    Hacking Discussion Nintendo banning from CDN

    There's literally only one cert ban so far. And I think the one abused by everyone in CDNSP is OP's cert? If so, first of all thanks for your cert. And secondly, what were you thinking?
  8. Jaimy

    Hacking Question Anybody bricked with the fake sx payload?

    The people who are not smart enough to fall for it are also not smart enough to backup before trying something like this.
  9. Jaimy

    Homebrew WIP FreeShopNX

    Talk about premature ejaculation.
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    Hacking Ban fow using SX-OS

    You can go to my account setting on the website and delete your account. It will not actually delete the account immediately but unlink it from all Switches for 30 days. You can then link it on new account. It is much safer to do in their chat support though.
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    Hacking Discussion [NSP] is greater than [XCI]

    If you're on smaller SD card and switch often, it is better to have XCI than NSP unless you want to go through install/update/DLC routine every single time. Deleting XCI from PC doesn't delete update and DLC.
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    Hacking Installing nsp then removing Dev menu/nsp

    Does your other SD card have SX OS 1.3 boot.dat?
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    Hacking Question Running devmenu without Pokemon Quest on SX OS 1.3, can any other game be donor ?

    I just realized SX OS can now load XCI using cart emulation and then use that as donor title to load another title via layerdfs at the same title. Lots of possibilities now.
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    Hacking COMPLETED CDNSP - Download & repack your games, updates, and DLC's to NSP!

    I'm getting similar error with multiple certs, one of them is not banned so I know its not the certs.
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    Hacking COMPLETED CDNSP - Download & repack your games, updates, and DLC's to NSP!

    Just throws another error for me " 010067300059a000 v458752: Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\Desktop\CDNSP\", line 564, in main tid, ver, tkey = game.split('-') ValueError: not enough values to unpack (expected 3, got 2) During handling of the above exception...
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