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    ROM Hack Discussion Monster Hunter Rise Mod and Cheat (Demo version)

    thanks ,seem not work for "100BEF013050000" version
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    ROM Hack RELEASE Persona 5 Scramble / Strikers 60 FPS hack

    thank you for sharing ,waiting for ONE PIECE Pirate Warriors 4 60 fps hack
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    Homebrew RELEASE SimpleModManager : A mod manager for your Switch

    Thank you ,is support unreal engine 4 "mod~" ?
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    Homebrew RELEASE Kip Select a WIP Kip Manager for Atmosphere Fusée

    hello ,about reboot option could you add reboot by other payload option (sometimes need reboot to sx payload to test something or other..)
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    ROM Hack Question TempAR Switch Version

    awesome!, i like this cheat menu.
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    Homebrew RELEASE Noexs Remote Debugger

    need remove aslr or pointer is very hard to sarching and use.
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    Homebrew RELEASE Noexs Remote Debugger

    some games when saving/save will cause soft "pause Game"...need push "Run Game" again and again.
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    Homebrew RELEASE Noexs Remote Debugger

    is my hekate_ipl.ini problem ,now ok
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    Homebrew RELEASE Noexs Remote Debugger

    thank you release nice tool but i have a problem , push run game it said "unable to resume " after attatch to game process. and can't poke (poke no have anything happen ,still keep original value)
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    ROM Hack Zelda OoT Cheats Plugin

    Beta 0.2.0 looking good !
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    ROM Hack Make NTR Plugin Help[Kid Icarus Uprising]

    sorry , i am new hand hahahaha :rofl2:  
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    ROM Hack Make NTR Plugin Help[Kid Icarus Uprising]

    WRITEU8 ->write 8 bytes value to memory WRITEU16 ->write 16 bytes value to memory WRITEU32 ->write 32 bytes value to memory
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    ROM Hack Make NTR Plugin Help[Kid Icarus Uprising]

    WRITEU32(address, 0x98967F);
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