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    Ben Affleck In BATMAN/SUPERMAN Batsuit!

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    Nintendo announces the 2DS

    1) It's not April the 1st 2) It STILL doesn't have two analogue sticks
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    Footage From Cancelled "Legend of Zelda" Movie Pitch Surfaces

    It's exactly the same CG style as the TMNT movie
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    New Pokémon X and Y reveal: introducing Mega Evolution!

    I'm guessing permanent, it would suck if they were single use.
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    New Pokémon X and Y reveal: introducing Mega Evolution!

    In what could be the biggest thing to happen in Pokémon games in a while, a new type of evolution is introduced. We had a teaser of this a while back when the new form of Mewtwo was revealed, now it is confirmed that this is mega evolution and other Pokémon can undergo it as well. A caption in...
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    Pokemon X and Y gameplay trailer 2 and 3

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    Epic Citadel now available for Android

    Galaxy S2 (4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich) Average FPS: 33.7 Resolution: 800x480 Performance level: High quality
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    Two More Men With HIV Seemingly Cured

    *insert I Am Legend joke here*
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    Apple loses court battle with HTC over 'slide to unlock' paten

    What next, Apple sues Samsung for also having the letter A in their name?
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    Samsung to unveil the next Galaxy phone

    man these new smartphones are too huge to fit in a pocket comfortably e.g. galaxy s series and htc one series. Apple gets many things wrong but at least it knows not to make the iphone too big
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    [Rumour] Rocksteady Making Ninja Turtles Game?

    OMG this sounds too good to be true
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    Diablo III may come to consoles

    I'm pretty sure they ported the first Diablo to PSX, i never played it but it must be possible then
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    Real pics of the 3DS slide pad + Pink 3DS

    they had better release the second slide pad built-in in the next 3DS
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    Best Mario paints

    yeah that's incredible
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