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    Blank out Prodinfo on EMMC Mariko Switch

    If you're using atmosphere: Add blank_prodinfo_emummc=1 to exosphere.ini You're done. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    Switch Lite softmod in 2021/2022

    Not even close. When the SX chip was released, they were sold for about ~$50 USD. After the downfall of TX, prices skyrocketed to around ~$150+ USD until stock pretty much dried up. Along comes the clones by HWFLY. Because there is zero problem selling these chips at ~$150 USD range, they...
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    Homebrew RELEASE SX Save Manager v1.2 (Not released by Team Xecuter)

    So this was a very nice Christmas present. Finally got a chance to test it out today, and it works great for transferring between systems. As stated above, you need to run it in title replacement mode. Even if you create a nsp forwarder for it, you still need to do the initial browser set up...
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    Super Mario Game & Watch Hacking

    Looking through some of the recent script updates, it appears that the Zelda GW has a 4mb chip where as the Mario one has a 1mb chip. Not a huge difference, but will allow users who don't upgrade the chip to get a little more space. I've included pics of the pinouts. It's just an stlink V2...
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    Hacking Switch won't boot into rcm mode after installing new firmware update

    RCM doesn't go away. If your unit is unpatched it will always stay that way. So you can always get into RCM. So you'll need to figure out what part in your steps is broken. Is your jig working? Are the buttons on the switch fully working? Edit: another thing to consider is your rail on...
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    Hacking Switch won't boot into rcm mode after installing new firmware update

    If you updated your firmware but didn't update Atmosphere first, then yes, that's most likely your problem. Go to the GitHub page, download the latest atmosphere version and put the files on your sd card. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    Error While loading fss0 - Any advice would be great!!

    Start fresh. Whatever you had set up before is old. Fusee primary and secondary have been deprecated. I don't use awoo but it sounds like you upgraded Atmosphere with it. Just start fresh with the guide above. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    There needs to be a few more details. If the modchip is still running the SX firmware (boots to the SX boot manager), then youll need to read through some stuff on how its all set up with sx gear. If it boots straight to hekate, or directly to atmosphere, then they have the firmware of the...
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    Stuck with a fatal switch error 010041544D530000

    If you dont have an atmosphere/contents folder, either your card is dying/fake/whatever, or you need to just reinstall atmosphere. Just go download the latest version from github and copy the files over to your SD card. If it is the card itself, you can try formatting it (fat32) or get a new...
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    Clear non-primary status from Switch

    Here's the set up. 2 hacked Switch's. Sysnand + emummc set up on both. Switch 1 and 2 sysnand is linked to real nnid. Switch 1 sysnand is registered as primary handheld and Switch 2 is registered as non-primary. When creating emummc from the sysnand of Switch 2, the linked accounts get...
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    how can i play hack switch atmosphere AND still play games i buy online without getting banned plz ? any guide?

    Follow this. Read everything, twice. It'll go through setting up emummc and sysnand, and making sure you set up DNS.mitm. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    Hardware Getting a x-rom to work in windows 10

    You can try the official xrom flasher. I remember even back when this was a current card, I would use that more than Littlewriter for some reason I can't remember now. Heres what I have saved for the xrom . The flasher, the drivers, and the testing tools. You should be able to test the cable...
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    Having trouble with acnh after 2.0 update

    Are you using the latest atmosphere? A new version came out today to fix the issues with AC 2.0. . Sent from my rammus using Tapatalk
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    Homebrew RELEASE Moonlight-Switch - Nvidia Game Stream client

    SkyNX uses its own streaming, and not Nvidias Gasmestream. So its very possible the issue wont really carry over. Gamestream has had a lot of weird major issues in the past, but over the past year or two its been really stable. For checking the monitor, I would start by looking through and...
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    Homebrew RELEASE Moonlight-Switch - Nvidia Game Stream client

    It wouldn't hurt to pick one up. They're cheap and useful if you do ever decide to run your system headless. As others have said, it shouldn't really give any issues turning off the monitor. I run HDMI connected to a TV on mine, and even with the TV off I don't have any issues. But there will...
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