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    hard drive data extraction

    Whoa whoa, I wouldn't go ordering it just yet, if the drive is mini IDE im pretty sure it will get it power through the USB, for the SAtA im not to sure how this cable would power it if it doesn't have molex or 15 pin sata ppower adapter.
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    hard drive data extraction

    Yes, the cable you linked to will connect to pretty much anything and you don't have to worry about not having the right connection because it has all of them.
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    hard drive data extraction

    I would check what kind of connection is on the drive(SATA or mini IDE) then see what connections your friends PC has. I was able to hook up my laptops hard drive to my desktop with the SATA power and data cables I had connected inside the system already. You never know he might have the hook...
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    ESO Director: ESO not an actual MMO

    So it's not an MMO its a MO?
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    Gaming New Zelda game

    you must live under a rock...
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    747 Crashes in Bagram, Afghanistan

    This appears to have happened 2 months ago. Also, it sounds like this guy runs over a dog at 1:33.
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    Dota 2 officially the most played PC game in the West

    LoL having more players all together is completely unrelated to the fact that DotA 2 broke the 2 previous steam records held by Counter Strike and Skyrim. And this news article even says in the west. IF you actually read it, it clearly says it doesn't include markets like china which has a huge...
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    Dota 2 officially the most played PC game in the West

    I clearly said ON steam.
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    Dota 2 officially the most played PC game in the West

    Despite the fact that this is only for the west, DotA 2 has masssive international community which has made it the most played game on steam, beating out Skyrim for most players online at the same time and beating out counterstrike for having the most people on throughout the day.
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    "Whose Line is it Anyway?" apparently is coming back.

    The show really wasn't his idea anyway. (OK well it was his idea to make the US version of the UK show)
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    Anti-PIRACY Six Strikes Law Starts Tomorrow???

    If you read the information they give it says it's not intended to catch "pirates" but is being put in place to educate consumers who would have paid for the movie/song/game they wanted if they were able to find it legally in the first place. The original title to the thread also seems more...
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    Mars Rover spots "metallic arm" sticking out of a rock

    Did anyone else read that this thing is actually only half a centimeter long. Title of thread should read "Mars Rover spots "metallic nubbin" sticking out of rock."
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    Games of the Month: February 2013

    It's almost as if that was a condescending joke. Shocking, I know.
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