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    OpenLara - GBA port

    That's incredible seeing it run on a GBA! How is the performance compared to'the N-Gage port?
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    New sleirsgoevy 6.72 flawless exploit released today

    Is there any host that already uses this newer version?
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    Switch OLED teardown V1/V2

    Mena did a firmware?
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    Linux/Android on Mairko Fundraiser

    There is a fundraiser to get Linux/Android running on Mariko units. This doesn't seemnto get enough attention, so I hope this helps: Maybe this can...
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    Switch OLED teardown V1/V2

    Can you explain what the hack actually does? My understanding was that it glitches the signature check of BCT. But it seems that there is more involved, if boot0 is altered as well 🤔
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    Switch OLED teardown V1/V2

    You say "written to your boot0", does this mean that the DAT0 connection is actually used only once to write the modified boot0 to the eMMC? Or is a DAT0 connection necessary for every boot? I always thought that the chip injects a modified BCT at boot over DAT0 and then again I always wondered...
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    Switch OLED teardown V1/V2

    This looks very nice - anyone know if these can be bought yet?
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    Switch OLED teardown V1/V2

    Where did you buy this?
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    Switch OLED teardown V1/V2

    Yes - balika011 made a diagram:
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    Switch OLED teardown V1/V2

    That's very unlikely - the only other alt point for CLK is under the eMMC, so we can count overselfs VERY lucky, that CLK is at least exposed on the mainboard :D I realy wish, they would consider / look at my idea here...
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    (Question) play 9.00 pkgs on 7.50/7.55 PS4

    I heard the news - but what will be possible with it? There are conflicting reports.
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    Nintendo switch OLED alt point for modchip install

    Are there pictures?
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    Ubisoft announces development of original 'Splinter Cell' remake

    What you have on PSP, has nothing to do with the first game.
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    Tutorial [AIO] PS4 Exploit Guide

    This should make some peeps happy
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    Switch OLED teardown V1/V2

    Not from me, some seller on taobao made it.
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