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    Homebrew ROM Hack Defeating Devolution

    Well, at least you carry on the original dev's arrogance, hubris, and pretension in his absence. Custom code with all-but-crippled applications is quickly disregarded. No disrespect intended to @bobmcjr 's accomplishment but this is a curiosity at this point, rather than a big breakthrough for...
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    Ship of Harkinian - switch port?

    This would be correct if it was *solely* open-source software. A *compiled*, playable Ship of Harkinian port requires non-open source, copyrighted assets.
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    Hacking Reverse Engineering Kirby's Dream Collection VC

    Follow up questions on N64 emulation via Kirby's Dream Collection and the Rom fixer tool by @maciek12305 The tool changes the endianness of N64 roms to that required by Kirby's Dream Collection. Does anyone know what endianness that is? Additionally, is there a format of N64 rom that works...
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    Homebrew Emulation EmuNand Reset behavior

    Well, Majora's Mask is one of the Wiiware/VC games that doesn't work with 'light' emunand, you have to use the 'neek2o' setting to use a more complete emunand to run it. I doubt this is the reason you're seeing the behavior you describe, but it's something to know if you start using emunand for...
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    is Wiis bluetooth chipset capable of being utilized in a homebrew app to allow external use of bluetooths speakers or headphones (Aux Devices only)

    If it is possible, it would be as a solitary piece of software. You're not going to get external bluetooth game audio - the implementation would almost certainly be Wii can run the game OR it can run the bluetooth-media-player. Not both at once. Both at once would essentially be developing a...
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    Hacking Can't figure out this EmuNAND issue

    Remember what forwarders do - they point your Wii to run something on external storage, like SD or USB. Emunand is a "fake" operating system. It redirects links pointing to what the Wii thinks are real places to fake places. Specifically: emunand implementations can lack "real" SD card access...
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    Advantages of Wii over Wii U

    C'mon guys lets focus on what's important: console me on the absence of decent Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon support on Wii. The best (probably only) VC injection is Bomberman Hero, but with major slowdown and sound distortion. You also need to edit the game ID manually for the Wii pause menu...
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    Hacking The Great Quest for Wiiflow Plugins™ - A call for adventurers!

    I recall you endorsing my multiple-N64 emulator plugin dol and paths idea for the pack. Are you doing that with Amiga as well? Maybe the load time is mostly proportional to # of plugins (or rom paths) rather than # of roms.
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    Advantages of Wii over Wii U

    The economics made the decision for me. Used Wiis are cheap, plentiful, and support Gamecube controllers natively. Total project cost for a fully hacked and functional Wii to Wii U is like 1:3. Although, as I'm nearing satisfaction with my Wii setup, one Wii U advantage does nag me: Mystical...
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    Hardware Transfer whole Wii to another?

    I've only done region change between NTSC regions (JPN > USA) but afaik there's no hardware reason why you couldn't region change the PAL Wii into an NTSC USA Wii and install the exact same WADs as are currently installed on your other Wii.
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    Homebrew Bully beta wii builds

    Wii itself has security features for controlling what software is allowed to run on it. Presumably, Dolphin doesn't reconstitute them. And also presumably, the prevalent hacks that we use on real hardware bypass the aspects that prevent backup loading and such, but not the entirety of the...
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    Hardware Transfer whole Wii to another?

    Not all at once, afaik. You could install those same VC WADs manually to the modified Wii, either to the realnand or an emunand.
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    Hacking WiiFlow Lite

    @fledge68 any ideas on what's causing my issue? Was there a change with respect to how GUI sound settings are applied in the last couple of years?
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    Homebrew Emulator Wii64 Beta 1.3 with WiiFlow compatibility

    @SaulFabre I've got Shadows of the Empire working great on your 1.3 using FIX94's RiceVideoLinux.ini What pedro is adding is the Shadows of the Empire (PAL VERSION) settings. FIX94's unmodified RiceVideoLinux.ini from 1.2 already has good settings for Shadows of the Empire (USA/NTSC VERSION)...
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    Hacking The Great Quest for Wiiflow Plugins™ - A call for adventurers!

    And you don't need to use a theme to get the source menu to work, it's just available in packs like Rhapsodi Shima. You may want the GUI Source Menu editor available here: I don't even remember what Wiiflow looks...
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