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    Hardware Transfering stuff to another wii

    hi i broke the nintendo wii while replacing the dvd drive makes clicking sound with flashing led now is possible to dump the nand withaout turning on the wii with hardmod i have the keys.bin so i can derypt it and also what to change to the new wii to edit my miis pls help THanks
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    Hacking Bluebomb: An exploit for the Wii + Wii Mini

    Can Bluebomb run on WSL 2.0?
  3. Eridion kiorai

    PS1/2 Gt4.vol extractor?

    Hmm wich dll there is only an exe and readme.txt
  4. Eridion kiorai

    PS1/2 Gt4.vol extractor?

    Hi i want to extract gt4.vol and i tryed gt3fsextractor and i got broken files any help?
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    Hardware Wii power led

    I noticed somthing wierd when i tryed to repair a dvd drive and tryed presing power button with screwdriver it maked pooping sound and now only green led ligths up and the red dosn't ligth up now my problem with that is i can't ligth up even the yellow ligth wich is necesery for me since i use...
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    Gaming Nintendo DSi data recovery

    1 go download flipnote lenny 2 extract all the files to the root of sd card 4 put the sd card in dsi and open flipnote studio 5 click view flipnotes 6 click sd card 7 click on lenny flipnote with EUR orUSA or JP 8 click edit 9 click the flipnote...
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    Homebrew Wii optical media

    Hi to all of gbatemp is any new dvd drive that supports wii optical disc i don't support piracy so i don't download iso
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    Save PewDiePie

    Hi do you know that the no 1 youtuber is in dangrus it battle with t series and idian music record company like vevo so to help PewDiePie you must subscribe to him and share to friends
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    Hacking Worlds frist attemt to change wii system channel music

    Hi today i wana know that im the first person who has channged wii system channel music prof: Lemme know if you want a tutorial
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    Gaming For lovers of miiverse

    If you love miiverse sign this
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    Hacking Wii Menu, Can you edit the background song?

    The wii system menu music is on iplsound.brsar wipl_bgm_menu use vgm trans to rip it now we nead to reverse engenering to replace a file
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    Gaming The Nintendo Channel

  13. Eridion kiorai

    Check mii out channel replacment project

    Hi evryvone im a developer of TestConnect24 (not full wiiconnect24 replacment) and we plan to release cmoc this december so we nead to fingre out how ces file works any idea im usig dol to to convert to 000001.dol
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    Hacking Help BrawlBox crash

    Wen i exporting wii sysrem menu music wich is in lpisound.brsar/WIPL/BGM/MENU dosnt export it or repace the system menu music any help
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    Emulation i found smthing to run wii u system menu

    This tropic is closed reason it dont work
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