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December 14
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Red N3ds: 11.4 outdated a9lh Updated Sysnand w/ NTR 3.4B2 - getting a9lh on this scared the shit out of me because I did it back in the unstable days but I did it anyways
Blue O3ds: 11.3 outdated a9lh Updated Sysnand w/ NTR 3.4B2
Sister's Pink O3dsXL: 11.4 outdated a9lh Updated Sysnand
Brother's Red O3dsXL: 11.4 outdated a9lh Updated Sysnand
Friend's Black N3ds: 9.2 Sysnand, Menuhax->CTRBoot->11.0 Reinand - On queue to do a9lh
Friend's Blue O3ds: 9.2 Sysnand, Menuhax->(Firm?) rxTools - On queue to do a9lh
Friend's Blue O3ds: 11.4 Sysnand, a9lh Updated Sysnand (Was Menuhax->11.0 rxTools)
I'm not an idiot
Shit, I have no luck.
*icoming message:
"eh i know his as possble nw how gud I nvr bght 10 dolr flshcrd"
Brb, going to create a "[WIP] running PS4 games on 3ds" thread
Oh my god, I think I'm in love with you
OH SHIET!!!! I came, nedgasm incoming.
emulation is one hell of a drug
Dude what 3ds is that. It is sexy af
Can someone explain what the shit happened here?
Ninty is not playing with us anymore. They are fighting CFW for real this time. The CFW apocalypse has begun. Prepare your backup friend seeds because Nintendo and their almighty ban hammer are coming for us.
Nintendo is the Matrix. Who will rise up as NEO and save us from their unfair online TOS?
huehue, i corrected someone grammar on the internet, fucking bastard. (modz don't warn me plz :( )
Nice try, adults don't use the word lewd, none under 60 anyhow.
Contemporary usage of the word lewd stems primarily from the derogatory Japanophile subgroup, commonly referred to these days as "Weeaboo".
I therefore deduce that you are in fact 14 to 16 years old, making your request not only inappropriate and against the rules, but in many countries illegal as well.
Oh my god why are we discussing about themes with hentai on them what am I doing?
If you want "dick to puss" action on your Home Screen you go to Discord or you make your own with Usagi 3DS Theme Creator.
Your French law does not effect me or the Internet, to us it is just nonsense, thats like applying North Korean laws to this thread, now go bug somebody else

Enough with the chitchat, if you want depression then visit the following link:



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