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    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Where should I go to check on the scene with a specific game (IE ACNH, Mario Kart, etc) to see what people are getting banned for? I want to be safe and clear my games before then. I've also heard specifically that you can play Splatoon 2 while booted into CFW as long as you DO NOT load any...
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    Hardware DragonInjector — Did any hardware sources get released?

    Well that’ll at least save some work on the shell. Do you have that Wayback link? I could try and see what else I can dig up using that as a starting point.
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    Hardware DragonInjector — Did any hardware sources get released?

    The code for the boot loader it injects, as well as the firmware for the microcontroller, is open source, but I was wondering if anyone’s saved or preserved details about the hardware side, like PCB design files and 3D models for the shell. Or even if such files were ever released. I cannot...
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    Hacking WIP DragonMMC - TriNAND, TriSD, Solderless Internal Payload Injector / Kickstand

    Is it possible you could include a feature which electrically disconnects the antennas for WiFi/Bluetooth/literally anything when not using the OEM NAND? That way they don’t even get power and can’t even talk to other consoles when there’s something suspicious on the NAND. Also, a slightly...
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