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    Hardware Any reason to buy a Wii now?

    Meaning now you don't? Really struggling to get the point of saying this? OP, if you don't ever buy current gen consoles and are just thinking of getting a wii now, and I'm assuming this is down to price, if so, just get a wii now. Wii2 is only a rumour at best, plus even if it is announced at...
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    Gaming possible wii2 controller (codname project cafe)

    3DS doesn't have bluetooth so you could never sync the thing. That being said, they could put bluetooth hardware into a 3ds cart so its possible they could create an addon that would do it. But in standard guise, not possible
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    Wii Successor: "Project Butterfly"?

    360s do indeed have an addon for HD DVD. @those that say blu ray definately won't be used. Probably true. BUT, as can be said about the wii, it doesn't use dvd's (but it does use a modified version of it, basically calling it its own hence avoiding paying the patent costs), who is to say they...
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    Hardware Wii UNLimited Edition

    Fairly cool looking but totally 100% pointless. I hope those cooling tanks are just for show and not actually functional
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    Hardware My Wii won't boot all of a sudden.

    This threads been up for two weeks. If hes had it plugged in constantly in that time whilst its been unoperational then he must be mental, lol
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    Gaming Having problems with my Wii?

    For what its worth, bluetooth module dieing USUALLY results in a fully black screen and never starts. Not saying you are wrong, just saying usually this is the case, I haven't heard of it delaying start up
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    Homebrew gamecube emulator?

    Not until he has a drive that can read backups
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    Hardware HDMiKey avaible for WII from wiikey team, wii on hdmi lcd tv

    Yes but that type of thing has been available for ages by different companies. And the upscaling they all offer tends to be a bag of shite, and thats what I reckon this will be. I've never got upscaling. I can't see how anything with a resolution of 480 lines can be stretched to 1080 lines with...
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    Homebrew gamecube emulator?

    Your choices are either buy a new dvd drive that does read backups off ebay or something. Then you can play gamecube backups, or get an sd gecko and use swiss (although compatibility won't be as good as the above solution)
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    Hacking In Desperate Need Of Help With Semi-Brick

    FFS, be smart about it then. Wipe the shit, and wipe it properly, if you can't remove all traces of homebrew then just take it apart and remove something necessary from the board, simple, 1 dead wii. Nintendo don't take em apart and check the mobo over as far as I'm aware, it'd be too much...
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    Hardware HDMiKey avaible for WII from wiikey team, wii on hdmi lcd tv

    Wiikey team desperate now modchips are pretty much dead? Wonder how much they lost on the fusion. Their own fault for delaying it so bloody long and the countdown timer shit they pulled for it
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    Hacking Hardware issue or bad softmod ?

    Explain? Sneek isn't a pain? I struggled to get it working at first but that was due to modmii having an issue, once I had the right files, sneek was a breeze to get going
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    Hardware Wierd Issue With The Whole WII

    IF it is the BT module then yeah easy enough. Take the wii apart, the bluetooth module is easy enough to get out, its a clip on design, you'll need a triwing screwdriver to get inside the wii. You can buy em on ebay or dealextreme
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    Gaming Metroid Other M @ 17 secs
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    Hacking Hardware issue or bad softmod ?

    Personally I wouldn't do that. Whilst fairly safe, bootmii could still fuck up and that is your real nand. The sneek option sound much better to me. Do a clean nand dump, get sneek files, see if the clean nand works properly, if it does, then and only then, look into getting the keys stuck in...
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