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    Gaming Does using Tor get you placed on government watchlists?

    being on a watchlist means what? do you really think somebody is investing energy and manpower to watch you play games for 8h straight just to see you writing some code to your teammate and they finally get the wanted criminal? i more think about this system with some kind of "tagging" you keep...
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    Gaming Is now a good time to buy a gaming PC?

    as a matter of facts console generations define top notch hardware requirements. As we see currently next gen is released so games will require more power and this results in new hardware, ironically "old" hardware will be less expensive. So to get the most out of your bucks the best strategie...
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    ROM Hack DEAD Pokemon Sacred Sword & King's Shield

    wow, this is the stuff i love about roms and cfw.
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    Gaming Slay the Spire Steam and Switch

    Does somebody know if the Slay the Spire for Switch and Steam differ in some way? is there some possebilitie to move the Profile? i would love to play Slay the Spire with my Switch but going through all the Starter Stuff...
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    Hacking Pink Light with Sx Core v1

    Update: It seems like i fried the charge ship, got it fixed. will leave this switch alone with ofw,
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    Hacking Pink Light with Sx Core v1

    ok, i desoldered everything, put the nand back and the switch is not reacting to any inputs, just staying dark. so i broke something... but how do i check what is broken?
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    Hacking Pink Light with Sx Core v1

    Hey, im kinda desperate. I soldered twice now, first was red, in my second attempt it went to pink (purple+blue?) i checked my solder points for ressistance, i checked for continuity and i get values everywhere for connection to the nand place. Soldering seems fine, so i don't know what stops it...
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