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    nogc = 0 not working Atmos 1.2.4

    I don't know what's the problem but I put the stratosphere file with nogc = 0 in the config folder of atmosphere and it keep don't working
  2. devilblue1997

    Homebrew RELEASE Moonlight-Switch - Nvidia Game Stream client

    I have a problem, I can't see the mouse cursor, I'm In 0.4
  3. devilblue1997

    ROM Hack Question Sega Ages Phantasy Star retranslation?

    Hello, I want to know if exist a version of the Sega Ages Phantasy Star with the retanslation 2.0 hack from sms. If not, anyone know if its posible to do it? I think the upgrades from sega ages + retranslation can make the final version of this gem. For someone who don't know the retranslation...
  4. devilblue1997

    ROM Hack RELEASE Bravely Default II 60 FPS mod

    How can I notice if the patch is enabled?
  5. devilblue1997

    ROM Hack [WIP] Yo-kai Watch 4 ++ Switch English Translation Project

    When you talk with mimikin isn't text there
  6. devilblue1997

    Homebrew RELEASE Chiaki (PS5 & PS4 remote play) homebrew

    Any hopes of remote play with ps5 in the future?
  7. devilblue1997

    ROM Hack Question [Request] immortal fenix rising graphics and fps mods

    30 fps, but in some battles it have drops I hope someone can change the configuration to have better looks in the game without lost fps (I suppose that is only possible with overclock).
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    Hacking RELEASE Sigpatches for Atmosphere (Hekate, fss0, fusee & package3)

    For me Tinfoild is giving problems (I need to restart the switch after using it), and awoo installer don't detect the usb connection.
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    Hacking RELEASE Sigpatches for Atmosphere (Hekate, fss0, fusee & package3)

    okay........ I tried to view how to do it and my brain explodes, I think I will wait until anyone have the files :wacko:
  10. devilblue1997

    Hacking RELEASE Sigpatches for Atmosphere (Hekate, fss0, fusee & package3)

    I hope you can create sigpatches for atmosphere pre-release 16 soon, I updated to FW 11.0 by error ;_;
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    ROM Hack Question Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity (Zelda) Mods

    Anyone knows the changes of the update 1.01? I think the game have better performance now. I hope they keep increasing it. About mods, anyone knows if it's posibble to port characters from HW: DE to this game?
  12. devilblue1997

    ROM Hack Question Assassin's Creed III Remastered Mod

    Is there any graphic mod for this game??
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