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    Hacking Rhapsodii Shima 5.4

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    Homebrew Wiiflow Rhapsodii Shima & PS1 Controller

    Thanks. Another Q: what is the naming/sorting/folder order for PS1 games with multiple discs (for example FF9) both for the ISOS and boxart? Tried to find this info online but no luck.
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    Tutorial Mod ANY Wii to Play over 10000 GAMES over 30 CONSOLES Straight from USB with WiiFlow Rhapsodii Shima

    Loving this Rhapsodii theme, but I'm stuck on an issue. Is there a way to bring up the Settings dialog for configuration of the games? A button would be a really cool addition ;)
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    Homebrew Wiiflow Rhapsodii Shima & PS1 Controller

    Is there a way to bring up the settings (& controller setup) screen in Wiiflow or do I need to use Homebrew? All the games ask for a dualshock controller but I don't see a way to map another controller in Wiiflow. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance. Derek
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    Homebrew Game & Watch

    Thank you. Can you tell me if installing a Wii theme is safe (I don't want to break WFL Shima) as I would like to match the purple colour of your theme on the main menu.
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    Homebrew Game & Watch

    Does anyone have a guide or link to how to install Game and Watch roms on a Wii. I am using the Wiiflow Rhapsodii Shima emulators which support game and watch. Thanks.
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