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    Hacking ModMii for Windows Official Support Topic

    i just did this to my wii and was wondering how i play backups from dvds and is there a certain way to backup the games to dvd
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    Hacking flashcard

    just bought the acekard and no i haveto wait for it soo i will get a 4gb micro sdhc any suggestions
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    Hacking flashcard

    as long as the acekard 2i supports the r4 .sav files im going with that also how much faster is the m3i and do both work with gta, mario and luigi 3, and kingdom hearts
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    Hacking Your reaction to your "FIRST" flashcart

    bought the r4 when they were initially released and had a kingston 1gb i loved it until i needed to get ysmenu to play games and now am looking at either the acekard 2i or the m3izero
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    Hacking Post your questions about which flashcart to buy

    Use? NDS games, the multimedia and other stuffs don't matter Price Range? around 30 Slot 1/2? Slot 1 Built in or expandable memory? MicroSDHC GBA compatibility? no Special features? The flashcart has to support nds cheat codes, and also it would be very nice if it has an ergonomic menu ! Any...
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    Hacking flashcard

    where is the cheapest place to buy the m3i also what does the m3i have that the acekard doesn't and what is rtg?
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    Hacking flashcard

    i have ysmenu and tried many times to make gta chinatown and mario and luigi 3 so many times that i am tired of trying plus i want a flashcart that can support a 4 gig card so that i can put more games on it
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    Hacking flashcard

    both seem like excellent choices do both support the same save files as the r4 also is the acekard on dealextreme the real one or a fake because it loks slightly different than the one from the review also which one has more frequent updates and a more supportive team behind it im just...
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    Hacking flashcard

    i need a suggestion for a new flashcart i have had the r4 since they came out and am looking for something that is still supported and can run newer games and use 4 gig cards i also want something that can use the same saves that i have on my r4 also is dealextreme a great place to buy form...
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    Hacking Guide To Make YSMenu Work On The R4

    are you referring to ysmenu or gta
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    Hacking Guide To Make YSMenu Work On The R4

    i got ysmenu to work but i still cant play gta since it gives me a disk error
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    Hacking someone help

    i just got ysmenu on my r4 and every time i load a rom it fails and it says fatinitdefault error
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    Hacking Guide To Make YSMenu Work On The R4

    i just got ysmenu on my r4 and every time i load a rom it fails and it says fatinitdefault error
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    Hacking ysmenu

    anyone know if there is somewhere else i can download ysmenu since i tried the site from the stickies and it keeps saying that the server is busy an offtopic question which of the newer flash carts work with the same save type as the r4 and have compatibility with new games and new firmwares...
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    i didnt know there were yoyoers on this site spikeybryan you should sign up on
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