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    Gaming USBHelperLauncher.exe not working ??

    That app doesn't work anymore from what I read. The owner doesn't want to support it anymore. I'd like to know what everyone else is using in it's place though. What's everyone using to download wii u backup games?
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    Hacking NAND Dumping Troubleshooting

    I had issues with Wii U NAND Dumper and was able to resolve them. Hope these tips help. 1. If you're using a MicroSD card (recommended in several places not to) make sure your adapter works. I had a bad one. 2. You may have to complete the fat32 format process outside of your computer's SD Card...
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    Hacking New to Wii U hacking, looking for any recommended portable hard drives

    Another option is a hybrid drive. You can by a platter-type hard disk that has SSD for cache. The drive will automatically take your most used files and access them quicker as your develop habits using it. auto Reading this thread I still am not sure why I can't use a portable usb hard drive...
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    Tutorial [Guide] Community noob guide to Wii U hacking

    Excellent. I'll read up on that. Thanks for the detail!!!
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    Tutorial [Guide] Community noob guide to Wii U hacking

    This guide is awesome! I have small children that love the modded wii I did for them. I'm going to be getting a used Wii U and want to mod that which gives me better games and devices but my kids can also play wii games on a current model television. I have an extensive technical background but...
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    Hello! Wow...

    Awesome forum! I'm just a Dad bumping around in Technology Engineering. Modding is great but am not the guy to be writing the code! Great work everyone.
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