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    Tutorial Gaming Hardware Hacking Homebrew 4IFIR MOD: The simplest way to overclock | CPU 2397 MHz GPU 1536 MHz RAM 2131 MHz

    I do sort of want more public overclocking information, but I'm disappointed with how you are handling this. The power limitations are extremely important to keep in mind and are very much a real thing. You just seem to ignore them and claim it is fine because it isn't too hot. You didn't say...
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    ROM Hack Cheat Codes AMS and Sx Os, Add and Request

    I would like to request a Skyward Sword cheat that starts new files in hero mode.
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    Gaming Switch should have download play for multiplayer with a single copy of the game

    That's true for DS, but on 3DS the initial download is stored to the NAND.
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    mGBA now allows connection to Dolphin Emulator for Game Boy Advance to GameCube connectivity

    You might be interested in this pr
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    Homebrew Question Can you only play games without LAN-play between two CFW Switches?

    Lan play works on unhacked switches. The problem is few games offer lan instead of local. Terraria is in the local only section, which needs ldn_mitm on all switches. You could try splitscreen...
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    ROM Hack Age of Calamity Modding RnD

    It runs well with max docked clocks with reverse-nx. AFAIK it's another memory bottleneck.
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    Homebrew [RELEASE] DaedalusX64 (N64 Emulator)

    The aspect ratio option is there if you are using the latest commits or "discord build".
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    Homebrew How come there are no local screen recorders?

    It seems to max out the sd card when saving. Game audio sometimes cuts out. 30 seconds is either because that is somewhat typical for a console short recording or because it needs to pre-allocate space or just because it is unfinished.
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    Homebrew How come there are no local screen recorders?

    But 44670 already had a beta ntr that saved 30 seconds to the sd card.
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    Homebrew How come there are no local screen recorders? Page 404s now, use
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    Homebrew Why does the o3ds reboot into a firmware that disables internet browser on new 3ds enhanced titles?

    Minecraft doesn't seem to do it. NTR and browser still work. If a (non-shovelware?) game used it, I imagine there would be a ntr mode 7 similar to mode 3. I also don't remember seeing a message telling me to reboot for anything on n3ds after closing.
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    Homebrew [RELEASE] DaedalusX64 (N64 Emulator)

    I made a save converter to convert your typical project64 save files to/from daedalus. It should work both ways, but I haven't tested too many save files. You replace the file that isn't the mpk.
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    Homebrew Region unlocking

    Luma already supports running out of region games. A few more need locale emulation. Is there a game you are having trouble with, or are you just wondering?
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    Homebrew system settings cant open after uninstalling cfw

    Whoops, missed the bit about no eshop. Hope normal recovery mode works or get a flashcard I guess.
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