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    Hacking Dragonboot for Atmosphere / generic rcm tools

    Just an update to this. with the recent atmosphere 1.0.0 and newer releases fusee_primary no longer exists. However this still just works perfectly. I havn't updated my dongle (or tegra RCM tool default on my pc, rekado automatic injecting payload) in over a year. It just fucking works.
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    Homebrew RELEASE Tesla - The Nintendo Switch Overlay Menu

    Probably need OVLloader, the sysmod that loads tesla menu
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    Hacking Dragonboot for Atmosphere / generic rcm tools

    you could give ti a shot updating using it, and then do a diff on that file and fusee-primary
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    Hacking Dragonboot for Atmosphere / generic rcm tools

    That's a great question. IDK Basically any standard payload injector with enough space to hold the payload can inject it and it;ll work. IF it works with the standard fusee primary payload it will probably work. Give us a try and let us know.
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    Hacking Dragonboot for Atmosphere / generic rcm tools

    No, it isn't compressed. The dragon injector didn't have enough space for the full payload so its version is compressed when compiled
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    Hacking MKW-Fun 2020-12

    I know a couple versions back LE code was introduced. Any new features possible with it that have been implemented recently? Kinda hoping some way to star levels you like or blacklist levels from <random selection here> that you don't like will be implemented.
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    Hacking looking for a solution for mariko

    Honestly even if I could buy one from them I wouldn't want to. Steal atmosphere code and add a skin, paint a giant target on their ass by advertising it for piracy, and then get deeply fucked by nintendo. Might have had a slight chance of slipping under the radar if they sold it as a separate...
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    Hacking looking for a solution for mariko

    This. Every time I see a sub-$300 (canadian pesos) switch that is RCM I buy it impulsively. I have like 7 switches, 3 with 256gb nand chip upgrades. All RCMable
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    Hacking Dragonboot for Atmosphere / generic rcm tools

    It's universal to rcm injectors in the sense that rcm injectors are designed to inject payloads. This is just a payload. In contrast the original dragonboot was specific to an injector that supports the compression used - the dragon injector. Technically any rcm injector that can understand...
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    Hacking Dragonboot for Atmosphere / generic rcm tools

    Fair enough. The source is the dragonboot github. I don't know if it's still up, because they got C&D'd by nintendo and the project has been canceled. I only changed a few lines, and recompiled without compression. I basically told it that it was always in mode 0, and retirected that to the...
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    Hacking Dragonboot for Atmosphere / generic rcm tools

    I made a modified version of dragonboot for atmosphere / generic RCM dongles. Dragonboot is a payload that loads a payload from SD card - so you'd never need to update the injector, just the SD card. I went one step further and changed the directory from \dragonboot\payload.bin to...
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    Hacking Fusee Gelee: All the payloads

    I modified the payload from the dragon injector so it loads sd\atmosphere\reboot_payload, which is the same as fussee_primary. Essentially put this on your RCM loader jig, and it will start any half recent atmosphere switch regardless of version. No more updating your jig when you update atmosphere.
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    Homebrew WIP nxmtp: access your SD Card over USB without rebooting

    I'm still using the old version (pink icon, no idea where it's from) and it seems to be the most stable. I've used a "hid patched" version on the past that would not exit (using it handheld, IDK what they "patched" in it) and went back to the old non-open sourced one
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    ROM Hack RELEASE [ACNH] 1.2.1C and 1.2.1D BCAT (Wedding Event)

    This. What is the difference? Why did you not state the difference in OP when it would obviously raise questions?
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    Homebrew RELEASE JKSV (save manager) for Switch

    I forgot that this was added not too long ago. Sorry
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