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    Homebrew 3DS CFW cloning to different console without data transfer

    Damn, i was hoping there was something with gm9 or the "home folder swap" that would be possible but as you say encrypted, guessing its more because the data's unreadable. Theres stuff in gm9 latest version related to copying all titles, or copying home menu to cia.. guess its one of them, a...
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    Homebrew 3DS CFW cloning to different console without data transfer

    Hi, thanks for the reply my apologies, the console's been cfw'd already its my (originally by cia) games i would like to clone across (if its possible) dont have the original cias any more so i guess it may be creating new cias from gm9 and copypasting as worst case? Thanks :)
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    Homebrew 3DS CFW cloning to different console without data transfer

    Hey all i've bought a cheap 2ds, and i'd like to copy the data from my 3ds to it but not lose data on the 3ds tried using godmode9, decrypt9wip, and faketik, i cant seem to get it to recognise the data is there any way or am i chasing tails? thanks as always
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    Hacking Trails/Kiseki modding

    Hi all, I dont know if my Google-fu is off but tried searching a lot! is there a patch (xdelta etc) for PSP version of Zero? Managed to do Ao but cant find one for Zero :( thanks as always
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    Hacking Boot repair loop HEN

    Hey guys i tried playing a PS1 game from usb and it caused a black screen needing a force power down since then i have been getting the alert that shutfown didnt complete, i click ok to scan and it reboots to the same screen, if i click ok it does the same, if i click cancel it scans but...
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    Hacking PS2 classics - CD games

    Hey guys Built some Classics, none of the CD based games seem to work, they fail out and reboot the console Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thanks
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    Hacking PS2 classics, original saves

    Hey guys Just got into PS3 CFW and created backups and imported into ps2 classics (prefer this method personally) How can I export a save from a FHDB VMC (or original memory card as these options both apply) and import it into the PS2 classic save (if it's even possible) I'd prefer a...
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    Hacking PSVita TV (3.60) had been working now doesn't

    Thanks for all the replies guys :) I've started thw ball rolling but am getting a headache with refreshing Live and it only showing a handful of games (a fraction of PSP, PS1 and PSV, so not even same content), then 0 after :/ not sure what I'm missing in copying over :(
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    Hacking PSVita TV (3.60) had been working now doesn't

    Hey everyone I'd been happily using my self-CFW PSVTV for a while now, completed Adventures of Mana and Secret of Mana (remake, I know I know..) Today I went to move on to another game (PSP eboot) and it froze up, when it rebooted, EVERYTHING was missing, all the games (shortcuts for PSP) etc...
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    Homebrew 64gb+ cards

    @TurdPooCharger thats where it was, thank you so much! Next question.. How do you disable save FAT table cache? thanks!
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    Homebrew 64gb+ cards

    Just modded my 3DS, all seems to have gone well, did I read something about 64gb + cards corrupting, is there a fix? I vaguely remember seeing something about a file but cant find it. Currently rocking an 8gb card lmao it's on the latest nintendo firmware and latest tools what's the best way...
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    Hacking PSVita genuine PSN game backup

    Ah awesome. Would that be something with creating the work bin file? Done with my cart purchases before. Thanks :D
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    Hacking PSVita genuine PSN game backup

    Hey guys I dug my PS tv out and modded it. Unfortunately, I forgot that it had been deregistered when I had a PS4 fail on me and I had to use the unregister all option so it isn't bound to my PSN account any more Is there any way to backup genuine, already downloaded, PSN Vita titles from...
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    Hacking Phantasy Star Online inject not working

    Hey guys, apologies if posted before, couldnt find it. I've got the original PSO 1/2 PAL disc, converted to inject using the converter tool (tried 2 different ISO creation methods) and both times the inject shows ? and no game name. Am I missing a setting when creating the inject? Thanks
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    Gaming Breath of the Wild System Update (inject)

    For anyone who sees this, if you have the original game, run updates from the game and install by running off disc then your installed version is latest
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