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    ROM Hack [Release] MHXX Monster Info Overlay Plugin for NTR 3.4

    I know this is for XX, but is there any chance you'd consider doing a fork for Gen with a lot of the layout changes you made from the original? It seems like the original has been abandoned.
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    Hacking 3Down - CTRNAND Downgrade

    This is awesome! I don't personally need it, but I appreciate the effort. I'm downloading them all just so I can reseed them for everyone.
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    Homebrew [Discontinued] TWLoader - CTR-mode NDS app

    I found the link from Acekard's site using the wayback machine. I'm testing it now to make sure it works, but here's a link of the file I uploaded.!rd4GgZ4A!6Zv5DcIRRttNmGcx2tfQ-DfA25HCcaBiUXHIogUm4yQ Edit: I tested it and that is indeed the correct and working file, I managed...
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    Homebrew [Discontinued] TWLoader - CTR-mode NDS app

    I believe so. I dropped the entire (sdroot folder) to the root of my 3DS SD card, installed both the main and the secondary .cia files, and downloaded the appropriate flashcard file (acekard2i) and plopped it into my flashcard SD card. I tested the card normally and it launches...
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    Homebrew [Discontinued] TWLoader - CTR-mode NDS app

    So I know this isn't expected to be finished until Christmas for .nds from SD loading, but does .nds from a flashcard work right now? I've been having the hardest time getting my Acekard2i working and I'm just wondering if it's something I'm doing wrong or not. (I'm trying to launch off the...
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    Homebrew [Release] OnionFS for NTR CFW - LayeredFS plugin fork that works with any game.

    Games I tested: New Super Mario Bros. 2: Gold Edition - Working (NEXT Halloween Special) [NTR 3.2/USA] Mario Kart 7 - Working - (CTGP-7) [NTR 3.2/USA] Note: Requires plugin redirection to the gamefs folder or moving the gamefs files to the root of the MK7 titleID folder, with the .lua files...
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    Hacking Anyone who got Loadiine to work...

    Every time I try to run the exploit that part works, but attempting to launch the HBL/Loadiine returns the error "SD mount failed." or "fsgetmountsource failed"
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    Homebrew [Release] CIAngel - download GOOD cias right on your 3ds :)

    Yes, I installed the entire folder.
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    Homebrew [Release] CIAngel - download GOOD cias right on your 3ds :)

    So using the latest release of this I downloaded the title key.bin and extracted the tickets, then installed them all using the latest release of FBI (although one failed) I have the redownload option as expected but everything I've attempted to download fails at 99% and throws an error...
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    Tutorial [TUTORIAL] [RELEASE] Merging badge data!

    I used the 11.22.15 files and it worked for me (though all the badge categories were in japanese) When I opened the Badge Arcade it was using my original save data, and doesn't know that I have all the stuff unlocked, but I can still place all the badges to my homescreen. Is that normal, or...
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    Hacking [Release] FunkyCIA2 - build CIAs from your eShop content. Super easy and fast! (**2.1 FIX!**)

    Hey cearp, I really love your program but I'm starting to think that something with N's server changed. Nearly everything I'm trying to download is returning an error, and it wasn't a problem before. Could not download content file...
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    Homebrew 3DNES - NES Emulator

    If BlargSNES is the same way, a .cia will actually work better. From what BlargSNES claims, .3ds can't have sound.
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    Hacking [Release] rxTools - Roxas75 3DS Toolkit [fw 2.0 - 9.2]

    Please excuse me while I head-desk and shout obscenities into the void. ... Oh well, having the hardmod would have been a good idea sooner or later anyways.
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    Hacking [Release] rxTools - Roxas75 3DS Toolkit [fw 2.0 - 9.2]

    That sounds like a huge complicated mess and way over my head, to be perfectly honest. All I wanted to do was get my DSiWare working again since I broke it from splicing my Sysnand and Emunand. Is there any way to do that once I get everything de-bricked?
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    Hacking [Release] rxTools - Roxas75 3DS Toolkit [fw 2.0 - 9.2]

    Heh, well it's a little late now, huh? But now I know for future reference. Guess my DSiWare is toast for good. I took a peek in my SD card and noticed the extracted ticket.db that was used to inject is 0KB. I probably should have checked that first, but rxTools said A-Okay, so it didn't occur...
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