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    The card is a 400GB SanDisk card. It's setup with a 32MB partition in the first spot, followed by a 366GB exFAT partition. I checked with both the Win10 disk management applet, as well as Aomei (no hidden partitions). I have two folders under...
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    Cabuzzi reacted to Chaosta's post in the thread Hacking Migrating SXOS to Atmosphere with Like Like.
    throw sd card in pc and and use a partition manager, if its file based you will see it on sd card, if partitioned youll see it in a partition manager
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    I hate to resurrect an old thead, but I read this threadd on your issue and saw your fix. The problem is that I have no idea how to tell (or even see) the sysNAND partition and tell if my emuNAND is on there. From what I remember, I did the...
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