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    Homebrew [WIP] Godot Engine for 3DS Homebrew

    Yes! Amazing! This will hopefully REALLY help the scene
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    Homebrew [Release] Memory 3DS

    Sweet! Love seeing new 'brews. Will give a try! :grog:
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    Homebrew [WIP] NAMELESS 2D Engine

    Woah this is cool! I hope you continue working on it. It seems like it would be really cool if you keep on working on it.
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    Hacking Luma3DS - Noob-proof 3DS Custom Firmware

    I tried to install the NAND FIRMS that I downloaded from the wiki, but O3DS TWL.cia has an error upon installing. Here is what FBI says: Install failed! O3DS TWL.cia Source: SOURCE_FSFILE_WRITE (0x1c) Module: MODULE_NN_AM (0x1b) Level: LEVEL_PERMANENT (0x1b) Summary: SUMMARY_INVALID_ARGUMENT...
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    Homebrew Downgrade 11.1 to 11.0

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    Homebrew What is a project you would like me to work on?

    Maybe you should do an awesome romhack. Not really hbrew, though.
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    Homebrew Updating Free Games?

    What system version are you on? As in when you open the system settings what version number does it say?
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    Homebrew Homebrew lancher in Emunand?

    Hold X when opening it
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    Homebrew Need Help with Bootanim9

    That might be the problem. Noscreeninit doesn't start the screen. I'm not 100% sure if that's the problem but it might. To find a solution you can ask here. Although it's old, people still help out there.
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    Homebrew Need Help with Bootanim9

    When you installed A9LH did you choose screeninit or noscreeninit?
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    Homebrew Need Help with Bootanim9

    When you update using the Luma updater it will replace the bootanim9.bin. When that happens just rename it arm9payload and put it back in anim and replace the old one, then once you do that just poot the bootanim9.bin back and rename it again. And for sound, afaik I'm pretty sure they don't have...
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    Homebrew Need Help with Bootanim9

    Tell me if it works
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    Homebrew Need Help with Bootanim9

    You got A9LH, right? If so. download bootanim9 and open it. If you already have an arm9loaderhax.bin already in your sd card, rename it arm9payload.bin. Drag everything you find (The file you downloaded) into the sd card. Then put the file you renamed (arm9payload.bin) in the anim...
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    Homebrew Nitrohax (homebrew Action Replay alternative) now working as a .CIA!

    We need to make a shrine for these godly devs
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    Homebrew Managing MenuHax with Regular Use?

    yeah, but then again I haven't been in the friends list in while though... But who uses anyways?
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