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    Tutorial [GUIDE] Pairing the joy-con on emunand and sysnand

    I got "DONE" and the whole green message, but it doesn't work. I disconnected all controllers from both my sys and emunand, paired all my 6 joycons to sysnand and then tried it again and it didn't work. Funny thing is that I see them registered as my controllers, but for some god forsaken reason...
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    Homebrew RELEASE Nro2Nsp Retroarch Rom/Nro Forwarders!

    Just made me wonder... How can your forwarder be working while all the others I have don't? Since I updated my atmosphere and my firmware it doesn't work at all. Even the ones I tried to create.
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    ROM Hack Discussion The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - General Hacking v2.0

    Hello, friend. It seems I did everything as you told us to and yet, I still can't access my cloud saves. I keep getting error 2155-8007. If possible, would you know any way to fix it? I'm on an Atmosphere Switch with the latest updates applied (both game and console) I'm looking forward for your...
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    Tutorial [GUIDE] Pairing the joy-con on emunand and sysnand

    Odd. I followed the steps for Atmosphere users and ended up getting this error: Does anyone know how go get through this?
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