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    Hacking FFVII on PSP: How to save? (Question)

    FFVII only allows saves via a "Save Point" when you find one in the game. Also, when you get to the world map you can save anywhere on the world map. See the bottom of page 42 in the original manual here: *edit* [I have to PM you the link as I don't have enough posts to post links]. *edit* [I...
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    Hacking PSP 2000 & 3000 Maximum Read Speed from Card Slot?

    Hi gbatemp, I need to know what the maximum theoretical read speed is for the PSP 2000 and 3000 from the Pro Duo card slot in both the XMB, and while playing games off the memory card? Of course this is with the most current CFW, and the XMB and GAME overclocked to the max 333/166 speeds if...
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    Hardware GBA Backlight! (AGB-001)

    Collecting the parts for my custom GBA. Are there any cheaper sources for the 5-Level Brightness Ribbon Cable or is it only lee_chan1985 on ebay at $42 USD? Also, is either the 32 pin or 40 pin GBA preferred? Is there any specific motherboard revision of the original GBA that is superior? I...
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    Hacking 3DS Flash Card Options and Questions

    What are the current best 3DS flash cards? What capacity SD cards do they support? Also, is there any limitation (other than capacity) on how many roms I can have on these cards?
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