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    Hacking What firmware did the red/black console come with?

    I have just bought a refurbished one from the Tesco outlet on Ebay (UK) it has 3.01 !
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    Hacking DSTTi working now stopped - works in a DSL

    This has me flummoxed - a DSTTi that was working with a DSi but 'stopped' - the DSi sees the card but reports an error whenever you run it. The thing is that runs happily on a DSL so it isn't 'killed' Have I missed anything?
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    Hacking Waninkoko prepares Firmware Updater 4.2

    I am one lucky bugger! I tried the Wikianos 4.2 updater and it failed while loading the shopping channel - came here to see why this might be and found out that had I been successful I would have lost a load of my disc images as I have a Wiikey 1 fitted. I'm staying on 4.1 for a while
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    Hacking wiikey1 trouble after 4.2

    Actually - don't bother. I'm on a wiikey 1.9s and recently got into these new fangled USB loaders - they are the dogs! So don't worry - go USB loader and then NEW games can be loaded directly onto the USB drive. I haven't tried but I suspect you will also be able to load your non functioning...
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