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    Hacking ds r4 card could fake help?

    So i belive my r4 card is fake and cant even tell what version i need to dawonload because it doesent have a sticker When i tried all the versions of r4 none of them worked and didnt say anything about a fake card I want to download some roms and need help!
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    Gaming unlaunch nocash help?

    allthough it works fine without an sd card it just shows me a blank screen with the wallpaper and some info if i insert it
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    Gaming unlaunch nocash help?

    im using a kingstone micro sd adapter
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    Homebrew DS(i) NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    is there any way to remove nocash unlaunch because i cannot move anything into my dsi using an sd card
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    Gaming unlaunch nocash help?

    i want to unload some files in but everything just disepears as soon as i restart the console with the sd card
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    Gaming unlaunch nocash help?

    how can i remove unlaunch nocash v.2.0 if i insert a sd card it just stops working for some reason and i want to remove it is there any way to ?
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