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    ROM Hack Cheat Codes AMS and Sx Os, Add and Request

    I would like to request a 50 turn cheat code for Mario Party Superstars. I've always played it with my family, but 30 turns go by a little too fast 🥺. Many thanks.
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    Homebrew Question Pokemon SwSh RAM Editor??

    Hello, I want to use pkhex and transfer some Pokémon to my save file. However, I also want to use them online (in ranked battles or trading) so I need to use SysNAND. I know the safest way to do this is by using 2 Nintendo Switch (trading the pkhex Pokemon through wireless trade). The thing is...
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    Hacking Is there any way to have both A9LH and B9S installed?

    Can they coexist with each other? I want to use some A9LH payloads that aren't available with B9S 1.3 (like Emunand9). Having to downgrade B9S every time I want to use one of these A9LH converted payloads is a real hassle. I notice that the SafeB9SInstaller deletes the current A9LH installation...
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    Hacking [Release] NTRBoot for R4igoldcc,ARDS(EZ),ARDSI

    Can it be made for this card?
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    Willing to pay for AR codes creation.

    I'm not really sure where I'm supposed to post this thread. Anyways, here it goes: I've been playing the Mario Party series with a group of friends for around 9 years. We gather almost every weekend to play Mario Party, eat, drink and have fun. One of our favorite titles is Mario Party 7 (for...
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    Hacking B9S 1.3 → ntrboot.firm

    Is there any real purpose for this? You can just boot.firm luma and then add the payloads to SafeB9S and Godmode9 and it will still work.
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    Hacking NTRBoot Released!

    Can confirm that the Wood R4i Gold ( works. It should be added to the list.
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    Hacking (Question) How to unbrick 3ds with Ntrboot?

    Just follow the guide. Instead of boot.firm being the SafeB9SInstaller it needs to be Decrypt9. Then do a CTRtransfer.
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    Hacking Restoring another system's NAND that has B9S.

    Thanks for the quick answer! I'm trying to unbrick one system through hardmodding, however it just BSODs. I found this in another topic though: "Yeah keep your original bricked dump, generate a patched one, then copy from 0x0xB130000->0xB530000 and past it into the original bricked nand backup...
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    Hacking Restoring another system's NAND that has B9S.

    (Harmodding) Is it safe to restore another system's NAND (from the same console model obviously) that has B9S? Would the console boot at least to the Luma menu or would it BSOD?
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    Hacking CFW on an 11.5 3DS with a banned NNID.

    Yeah I have a spare 2DS with CFW to do the DSiware transfer method. The banned 3DS is unable to do a System Transfer or a format though (Error Code: 005-5964).
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    Hacking CFW on an 11.5 3DS with a banned NNID.

    Is hardmod the only possible way to add CFW to a 11.5 3DS that has a banned NNID? Attempting to format the console to get rid of the NNID ends up in "an error has occurred". Will using Tinyformat allow me to do a System Transfer so I can add DSiware?
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    Hacking NTRBoot Released!

    What about MCU bricks?
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    Hacking NTRBoot Released!

    How can a joke topic reach 9 pages? lol
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    Homebrew SigHax Updates and Discussion Thread

    Now that Sighax is a thing, can't we create our own LocalFriendCodeSeed_B? This would greatly alleviate the ban issue.
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