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    Homebrew [RELEASE] OTPHelper - OTP dumping & downgrade helper

    I just successfully got my OTP on my new3dsxl using the latest version of OTPHelper and have installed arm9loaderhax. Thanks @d0k3!
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    Hacking Help request - Applications disappeared after setting EmuNAND

    No problem. It took me about a week to work out the answer when I lost all my stuff.
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    Hacking Help request - Applications disappeared after setting EmuNAND

    I had this problem. Check if the folder with all the letters and numbers has created a new folder inside with lots of letters and numbers. If there is two change your original one to the new one. Make sure you backup first just in case.
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    Doctor Who?

    I enjoyed the last episode, but I am very skeptical of the new guy. It looks like he has a catchphrase 'geronimo', he said it when he became the new doctor and once in the trailer. I HATE CATCHPHRASES!
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    British Music

    I think us Brits have generated some great musicians over the years, but the last 5 years British music has been pretty piss poor. The last great band we produced was Arctic Monkeys and their first album came out in 2006!
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    Any other bass players?

    Yay a bass players topic, finally! I have been playing bass for 3 and a half years. I love playing along to anything by tool, love the complexity of the bass lines.
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