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    ROM Hack Post Your SaveDataFiler/Decrypted Saves Here!!

    Not sure if it would work, but does anyone have save files with some scanned in Skylander's for each Skylander game?
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    ROM Hack Is there a way to play the Skylanders games without the toys?

    Via a save file or something? I'd like to play the games, but not waste money on toys I have no use for. If a save file works, does anyone have them for each of the games to try in jksm save format?
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    ROM Hack Yo-Kai Watch 2 USA cheats

    I fixed it for infinite crank-a-kai I believe. Do NOT use the debugger tool for live cheats, use Gateshark2NTR program and port it. [Infinite Crank-a-Kai] 2874DC04 00000003 Using the debugger will crash the 3DS, using Gateshark2NTR made it work from my first test. BACKUP YOUR SAVE first...
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    ROM Hack Yo-Kai Watch 2 USA cheats

    I can't seem to get the infinite crank a kai code to work (or the others, but all I care about is getting rid of the silly daily limit), been using Gateshark2NTR. Anyone have any ideas?
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