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    Hardware Is It Possible To Create A Google Account With No Phone Number?

    A few days ago, I tried to register a new email, but I was asked to enter my phone number again to continue registering. I don't think this is possible.
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    Give me a mildly interesting short article to read.

    not bad, guys. I will read this
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    When your handshake fails....

    lol, really.
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    The Meme Box

    Memes give me sense to live
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    Got my second ever migraine send help

    I'm on a course of hormone pills and there's a week break, in which I'm constantly being overcome by a terrible migraine. Sometimes the headache is so bad that I can't even sleep. However, once I start taking the pills again, it goes away. My body is used to it and it pisses me off.
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