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    Gaming New smash bros character video

    Everyone knows the best reveal was Captain Falcon...:p1ng: I will say having the tactician and lucina announced was awesome, but I still want Ridley dammit. :hateit:
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    Gaming Without getting ridiculous, who would you realistically like to see playable in Super Smash 4?

    Ridley and Dark Samus would be awesome. I know Ridley is huge, but why not scale him down? After all, in Brawl he was significantly smaller than his prime counterpart. Dark Samus would be awesome as well. She wouldn't have to be a clone either :D. I doubt either will be playable though since...
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    Gaming Anyone prefer Digital VS Hardcopies?

    I prefer physical copies. I like that digital tends to be quicker than optical, but I grew up with physical copies, and I'll only get a digital copy if there aren't any physical copies in my local store. This excludes older games though, like psclassics and such.
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    Hardware 5 things you should know about the Wii U

    True, but there is the possibility that it can damage something. I've just never felt comfortable just pulling the plug on a home console. Hell, even the PS1 had hard resets, but I don't recall that ever crashing on me :D.
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    Gaming Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    This game is fun, but I've got two issues with it. First, HR rank isn't as enticing for replayability as Tri, though some would disagree. Second, the freaking textures are terrible. Some things look beautiful, some things do not. (Anyone who's been to D.Island, Area 10 know this to be true). I...
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    Hardware 5 things you should know about the Wii U

    Quick and painless right? :P
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    Hardware 5 things you should know about the Wii U

    I'd hope they'd add a hard reset capability soon. It doesn't seem good for the console to just "pull the plug" whenever it crashes. I still can't believe Nintendo screwed that up lol.
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    Hacking Hacking the WiiU: A Simple Progress Guide

    So the Wii version is definitely hacked, but the Wii U version still remains behind wraps?
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    Gaming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y discussion/update thread

    DLC's are also not full games, but add ons. I can always hope though, and nonetheless, Ninty...take my money now :sleep:
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    Gaming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y discussion/update thread

    DLC costs money. Ninty's been milking this franchise since the 90's lol. :P
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    Gaming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y discussion/update thread

    I'm still waiting for my multi-world adventure. Maybe with X and Y we will get DLC that adds old locations and gyms. It seems that with the ability to add extra content, Ninty's obvious "money is why we don't put all the regions in one game" excuse now has a solution. I just hope this gen isn't...
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    Gaming Capcom finally listened to your MH complaints

    Region locking is stupid. All it means is less people to play with, which leads to more waiting, though MH3 on Wii seems to be okay with it. I'd go for the Wii U version. The controls are way better IMO. So would I. All that armor and level grinding for nothing come April when the MH3...
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    Gaming Xenoblade HD [Might Be] Coming

    Exactly what I was thinking. For fucks sake, remakes are overrated :/
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    Gaming Thoughts on fee for Wii VC -> Wii U VC

    Paying for a game (or games) you already bought at least once and maybe even twice is stupid. The "added functionality" is basically some patching. Can anyone name a console game that requires you to pay for patching? I can't. Plus, the $1 - $1.50 is a substantial percentage of the original cost...
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