Harvey's Completely Random Group!

This is a group that simply exists! I made this group because... why not!

This group is Harvey's ULTIMATE MEME GROUP where anybody can invite themselves and create those cultural references only a millennial or gen Z'er would know!

Stuff you can do with this group
  • Ask questions that nobody knows the answers to nor cares about!
  • Post pictures of... almost anything! (Keep in mind the GBAtemp rules, though.)
  • Create events in the calendar that nobody will participate in!
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Yes, this is a group that you can join and completely trash with pictures of your pets, memes, repeated words (like "llamallamallamallamallama..."), links to websites that no one ever visits (like that obscure WordPress website that is obviously weird ramblings of a bot site crawler's output) and stuff like that.

Pretty much anything goes, but keep in mind that this group, and all other groups, are not immune to GBAtemp's ToS, so don't post anything illegal or super cringey.



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grate groop yeet ima weeb an im derpy

Oh, yeah. I also meant to tell you - We're trying to overtake Digital Cheese and his "Da Official Digital Cheese Empire" on how many photos there are. Join my group and post literally any picture you have that you don't mind sharing - so long as it isn't real offensive, illegal, or contains personal info that someone could steal, please share! It could be that dog in a burger outfit, or your grandma skiing on the roof, or maybe an actual person shrugging, or maybe a photo of a photo of a photo of a drawing of some ASCII art. POST AWAY!!!

!yrogetaC sdrawkcaB ehT

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