How to Create/Edit .tga Files for Haxchi

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    i've updated the guide and added your GIF walkthrough, i didn't change the typed version just in case someone preferred or for some reason can't follow your GIFS.
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    It's working great for me. Thank you for this tutorial! Now I can launch TCPGecko without launching HBLC!

    For the tga images, I used the official tcpgecko meta image, I just had to edit the image to work better for an icon image.

    But for the tablet image, I had to make a new image from scratch. Because the original meta image was way to small, and when you upscale an image of that size, it doesn't look right at all. But I tried to keep the original images as best I could.

    If you look at the images below, I took them using my phone. As you can see, tcpgecko loads up perfectly fine. And this was the first time I did this.

    Also, I got the DS game from USB Helper, but since I already have Haxchi installed with a legit DS game that I bought from the Eshop, installing another Haxchi with a non legit DS game is fine.

    Thank you again for this tutorial, I followed it to the letter. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Dec 18, 2016
    Does anyone know when replacing the Boot Images (not Icon) of VS DC Game it corrupts and say i need to delete it and re-install? The Icon just works fine..
  4. BeRnYGP

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    Thanks a lot for the tutorial. I was getting an error at first because I didnt know that you need to use 24 bits instead of 32 bits.

    By the way, I want to share my .TGAs.
    They are not as good as the ones published in here but If someone wants to use them or edit them, feel free to do it:

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    Funny, I always use 140x140 and iconTex loads just fine for me, at least for Virtual Console games. I have never heard of 128x128 being the default icon size before reading this.

    Also, iconTex is pretty inconsistent. If the TGA file is 19.2 KB for DS games, it won't load. But, anything 57.4 KB and above loads just fine.