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Weeaboo Trash, 17, from Kentucky

Goodbye Parks and Rec Feb 25, 2015

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May 21, 2015 at 11:45 PM
    1. TyBlood13
      Goodbye Parks and Rec
      1. Guild McCommunist
        Guild McCommunist
        Did the series finale happen already? I've been keeping up to date with it on Hulu but I don't know their schedule that much.
        Feb 25, 2015
    2. TyBlood13
      Just finished part 3 of JJBA *cries*
    3. TyBlood13
      I wish I could play a JoJo fighting game on my Vita
    4. TyBlood13
      Rin-chan now! Rin-chan now! Rin-chan now! Rin-chan now!
    5. TyBlood13
      I caved and bought Project DIVA f, and I am amused by how much I like it
      1. GamerzHell9137
        Have fun the next 50 hours or so.... that's how much it took of my life at least....
        Feb 20, 2015
      2. DJPlace
        i caved in and bought Senran Kagura Bon Appetit! not played much it but still trying to finish Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus.
        Feb 20, 2015
    6. TyBlood13
      P4G is done with, though I shall return for NG+ after I play the other 4 Persona games
    7. TyBlood13
      Almost a foot of snow outside, holy shit
      1. kehkou
        We only got an inch, and only in the mountains. :(
        Feb 17, 2015
      2. FireEmblemGuy
        Up to 12 feet total since November, get on my level.

        Does suck to get that much that far south if you're not prepared, though.
        Feb 18, 2015
    8. TyBlood13
      Almost done with Persona 4 Golden, but will be returning to it after I play P3P
    9. TyBlood13
      The Hollow Fragment translation hurts man
    10. TyBlood13
      I just love how the worst English seen on this site is usually typed by people from the US/UK
      1. Sakitoshi, ShinyLatios and VinsCool like this.
      2. Sakitoshi
        that it's normal, they think "naahh, you can understand what I was trying to say anyway" and leave it as it. but people that don't speak the language try to be correct to be sure everyone understand exactly what they mean.
        I myself proofread all my posts to be sure, and even after that I make mistakes and need to edit them lol.

        BTW I like you avatar. Kotone <3
        Jan 27, 2015
    11. TyBlood13
      I finished Bravely Default. I can't believe I avoided this game for so long. Very enjoyable
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      3. TyBlood13
        The battle system does take some getting used to., but once you find a way that works for you, you're practically unstoppable.
        Jan 25, 2015
      4. TyBlood13
        The only boss that gave me too much trouble was Fiore
        Jan 25, 2015
      5. omgpwn666
        Yeah, I destroyed Fiore, just the third phase of the spoiler boss had me so angry, the one at the end of the game. They use that one attack that kills everyone who has a status ailment on them.
        Jan 25, 2015
    12. TyBlood13
      6 days to til I get a Vita, getting excited
      1. Chary
        Jan 23, 2015
      2. TyBlood13
        P4G is the first thing I'm buyiing no doubt, will get P3P as well
        Jan 23, 2015
    13. TyBlood13
      Anyone want a MH4U demo code? A074QY1W1L6T6WST
      1. matpower likes this.
      2. matpower
        I hate this... someone already used the code and didn't say a thing about it. :(
        Jan 22, 2015
      3. TyBlood13
        Wow sorry man
        Jan 22, 2015
    14. TyBlood13
      Probably going to get the Borderlands PS Vita bundle next week with P4G
    15. TyBlood13
      I have become addicted to Bravely Default
    16. TyBlood13
      Finished Space Dandy, now watching NGE
    17. TyBlood13
      So desperate to watch the new season of JoJo I'm torrenting it with a tethered phone while on vacation
    18. TyBlood13
      Why do all the spambots here always "female"
    19. TyBlood13
      Now playing the original P4... on PC
      1. weavile001
        Me too, it´s kinda hard to find P4 these days, at least, the game works 100% on PCSX2.
        Dec 25, 2014
      2. TyBlood13
        I just don't have any Playstation devices anymore. The widescreen hack is a nice addition too though
        Dec 25, 2014
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