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    1. escequi
      Hello, hit me up if ur the guy that does the hardmods for 3ds? It's an o3ds (non-xl), wondering if u can do it? BTW I'm from brazil, so i'll check shipping price, etc, because there is this guy from BR that is charging 50 dollars to do it, i think its too damm high for soldering a few points, lol...
    2. ikithme
      Hey hundshamer, I've been talking to ronhero about a hardmod, he mentioned you and was wondering if we can chat about hardmodding a dedicated n3ds. I appreciate it. Thank you.
    3. Tyger24
      Hello hundshamer i would like to speak to you about a 3ds hard mod. My sysnand unfortunately was updated to 9.6 and was wondering if you could mod my 3ds.
      If so get back to me asap and let me know please.
    4. KineticSonata
      Hey :)
      I'm told that you're the man to talk to about an unbricking. I would gladly compensate you for your services. Let me know if you're interested.

    5. Pip421
      Hey Mr.Hundshamer, Total noob here.. I bricked my 3ds xl using gateway after updating to play smash bros. Can you fix it for me? It would be much appreciated.
    6. Wii dUde
      Dear hundshamer ,

      I have recently just bricked my 3ds xl. I was using a gateway 3ds. It shows 2 black screens when I boot it up. Can you help me unbrick it?
      Thank you.
    7. zuxicovp
      Hey there, I've got a N3DS XL that has a nand dump but is updated to 9.5. Can you help with downgrading it?
      1. hundshamer
        Yes I can. Send me a PM.
        Mar 18, 2015
    8. ZarquonHigardi
      Hi there, sir!

      Do you have a thread or otherwise with information about your NAND mod services? I'd like to get a NAND mod for both my O3DSXL and N3DSXL...
      1. hundshamer
        I do. It's in the bst section. You cannot access it until 100 posts.
        Mar 18, 2015
    9. Mchief298
      Hey. You work on the N3DS?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. hundshamer
        $55 for a NAND mod on the N3DS XL.
        Mar 5, 2015
      3. Mchief298
        Mar 5, 2015
      4. hundshamer
        Including return shipping.
        Mar 5, 2015
    10. Tellmee
      Hey Hundshamer... I have been waiting for your response via email. What happened to the shipping back of my 3ds? The tracking number you provided to me only shows that the label was purchased and the actual package was never shipped yet...
      1. hundshamer
        I just emailed you. Sorry for the inconvenience.
        Feb 27, 2015
      2. Tellmee
        still showing not shipped...
        Feb 27, 2015
      3. hundshamer
        It's after hours probably will not update.
        Feb 27, 2015
    11. Rodney Phung
      Hi hundshammer. After some research, I found that you're the best guy to go to if someone like me were to accidentally update my sysnand to 9.5U. In my situation, I did make a backup of my 9.2 nand before I updated. I'd like to find out the process and pricing you offer for this type of service. Thanks.
    12. Tellmee
      Hey hundshamer I have mistakenly updated my 3ds xl to 9.5 and I have a dump of my nand back up of 4.3. Could you have my 3ds xl flashed to my older nand? And what will be the process and pricing for the service? Please contact me via my email:

      Thank you in advance.
      1. capito27
        just a piece of advice, you shouldn't give your mail publicly, it is a bad move...
        Feb 20, 2015
    13. evlopez
      I cannot get the 3ds web browser to work because there is a message that pop-up saying "The web browser will be available once you have updated your console over the Internet"
      Is there a way to get the web browser on the 3ds to work without updating?
      or I need to get my 3ds Hard Modded?? if so, could you please let me know how much it would be to get it done and also how is it work.
    14. Psi-hate
      Er, I was at school and my younger brother updated to 9.5, was wondering if I could revert back to 9.2? I have a NAND Dump, too. PM me if you're interested!
    15. AugustoKazt
      hey how much will cost to do a hard mod to a 3DSXL 9.4.0-21 (i have obviously a bunch of NAND Dumps when i use the CFW)?
    16. renjiVII
      I hear that you do nand mods for the US version. I recently updated my 3ds to official 9.5.0-22U before updating nand and now I can't access gateway mode. Can you help me?????
      1. jazariz likes this.
    17. theeboredone
      So I hear you're the guy to go too if we accidentally update our 3DS. Currently sitting at 9.4. Let me know if it's possible and we can talk.
    18. luney
      Hey. Quick question for you. Do you hot glue the connector in the wrist strap opening, like I have seen someone else do, or do you make a new opening for the micro jst somewhere else in the case? I would appreciate it if you could please pm me an answer and a price for the entire mod. Thanks in advance, Jim aka luney.
    19. LordFransie
      Do you still offer unbricking services?
    20. xam5
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