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Wish I could make a living at this, but bills are piling up. *sigh* Time for a "real" job. This will help fund my hobbies. Jun 8, 2015

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    1. Piluvr
      could I have some help with hard modding my o3ds?
    2. spencecool
      Go-to guy for 3ds nand mods, affordable prices, also does work on the 2DS
    3. szel
      Hey there, I made an account just to ask you if you could hardmod my O3DS since you're the community favorite for this kind of stuff. Accidentally got it updated to 9.9, I do have the NAND backup of back when it was 4.5 though. Please PM me when you can, thanks.
    4. Rinku
      Looking for a hardmod of a N3DS that's been updated to 9.9 and I have the NAND. Thanks!
    5. failzers
      Can you do a hard mod of a 2ds? I bricked it, but i have a backup of the previous firmware, And if so, can you PM the price and etc?
    6. Andrew21
      Hello hundshamer, I'd like to know if you could do a NAND mod of my Old 3DS XL. If it's possible, can you please PM me an estimate for the mod and estimate for shipping both ways from Canada? Thanks, Andrew21.
    7. donsmithr
      hey hundshamer i update 3ds to 9.9 can you downgrade it back to 6.0 i have a backup of the nand how much will it cost for work and shipping thx
    8. spencecool
      Hundshamer, can you pm the rate and details of your nand modding "services" ? and do you work on the 2ds? I need to restore a nand backup, but I bricked it. I have the nand backup. PM me when you have the chance, I live in the US
    9. Mojodude123
      Hey hundshamer, I would like to know if you would be able to fix my bricked new 3ds (regular) from Japan. I have a nand backup but im not good with soldering and the like. I do live in the U.S. Please PM me about the price when you have the time . Thanks :)
    10. Mochiman123
      Hello, are you able to NAND mod a regular sized N3DS? If so, what are your current pricings?
    11. kontrolaltdelete
      Hey man. I'm curious how much it will cost for parts and services for a N3DS mod? Also, shipping estimate (I live in NC)?
    12. VIRACY
      Hey, it's the guy who sold you the red 3DS XL with the accessories. I'm wondering if you can message me on Skype again. Or if you want I can PM you on here. My skype name is V1RACY thanks!
    13. EHG
      Hello. I have two old 3ds and two new 3ds consoles that I would like to have a nand hard mod installed. Thanks.
      1. EHG
        Fast turnaround time. Professional quality work. This is your guy for NAND hard mods!
        Aug 27, 2015
    14. X_Frost
      Are you able to hard mod a new 3ds. I can provide the NAND Backup so you can test it.
      1. X_Frost
        Thank you for your work, everything came out great!
        To US based members, this is your #1 guy!
        Aug 15, 2015
    15. YayIguess
      I have a NAND backup, can you do a hardmod (o3ds non-XL)?
    16. rescribe
      What is the rate from you for a nand hard mod for a o3ds ? Family member accidentally updated it to 9.8 and looking to downgrade with my 4.5/9.2 Gateway nand backup...
    17. KayJayTHEGAMER
      Hey hundshammer I'm interested in hard modding my original 3ds so I can play my gateway cause it's currently on 9.8 I don't have a backup nand or anything I just got my 3ds gateway and didn't know you couldn't downgrade above 9.2, so I want to know if you can do anything to help me out, I would greatly appreciate it, pm me when you have the time. Thanks.
      1. hundshamer
        Sorry, I cannot downgrade without a backup of a previous firmware.
        Jul 23, 2015
    18. MagiGuy
      Hi hundshamer, I'm interested in having a hardmod done on my o3ds xl to downgrade the sysnand (I have a backup of the 9.2.0-20U sysnand ). PM me the details when you get the chance. Thanks.
    19. Joseybird
      My Pokemon Alpha Sapphire game save was corrupted when the cartridge popped out of my 3ds while the game was on standby. Are you by any chance able to offer data retrieval services? I really want to at least retrieve the Pokemon from that save. Please let me know, thanks!
    20. HugoAndore
      N3ds 9.0.0-2U bricked after trying to update to 9.2 with CIA files through FBI instead of sysupdater. Let me know if you can fix the brick and update to 9.2? Thanks from NYC
      1. HugoAndore
        Ronhero from maxconsole forum recommended you. Pm rate and details on how to go by when you have a chance?
        Jul 9, 2015
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