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Sorry for the lack of responses, I'm having ISP issues. Will be back next week if all goes well. Jul 16, 2016

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Jul 16, 2016
    1. Selver
      CAUTION is advised before use of hundshamer services.

      Dec 26th (bad mod); returned Feb 4th ... still waiting.
      vb_encryption_vb may be more timely.

      He put port on the outside, rather than under the battery cover (as agreed).
      Bad mod didn't dump reliably. See

      Will respond to this post if changes.
      1. Memoir
        Hm. Quite interesting.
        Jul 17, 2016
      2. NerdsMcGee
        Jul 22, 2016 at 2:10 PM
      3. Selver
        Jul 23, 2016 at 12:52 AM
    2. cooroxd
      Hi hundshamer, I need a small o3ds to be hard modded. What's your eta and status right now?
    3. hundshamer
      Sorry for the lack of responses, I'm having ISP issues. Will be back next week if all goes well.
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      3. YayIguess
        Can't you use tor, or a proxy/a VPN?
        Jul 16, 2016
      4. Pikm
        @YayIguess A. Usually you're not allowed to download programs on school computers B. He also doesn't have a library card.
        Jul 16, 2016
      5. Luis Franco
        Luis Franco
        When you return can you PM on prices? I want to hardmod a N3ds from Firmware 11.
        Jul 16, 2016
    4. DashBlacK
      Hey dude, I'm looking for a hardmod. I've sent you PM already, waiting for your reply.
    5. Reaga
      I'm curious about downgrading for CFW. I know a hardmod is required, how does this physically affect the 3DS in a permanent sense (if at all and assuming success with no brick)?

      I'm tempted to ask for a downgrade/CFW installation but unsure if that's for me or the price.
      1. Pikm
        You will have an installed port on your 3ds that will allow you to dump and write nand backups using an external device. This makes your 3ds essentially brick proof, even more than a9lh
        Jul 14, 2016
      2. Reaga
        Ah. So then there would be some modification to the casing, likely? Oh well. If I didn't have the MM 3DS I'd likely remain interested.
        Jul 14, 2016
      3. Pikm
        You can ask for the port to be installed under the back cover plate if you wish, making the mod invisible during normal use. Modders will usually put the system back together correctly, also making it close if not exactly like it originally was.
        Jul 14, 2016
    6. Rod much
      Rod much
      Can I get my 3ds unbrick since it has the black screen of death and how much does it costs to downgrade
      1. slaani
        Hey Hund, I also need an unbrick after using the wrong OTP (I know). Can't figure out whether PMing is possible on this site or what, or even how to leave a comment that isn't a reply (maybe I need more post history) -- please send me a message if you are available.
        Jul 13, 2016
    7. SSFF6B
      Hello, could I get a quote for a softbricked 2DS that bricked while downgrading from 9.2.0U to 2.1.0U?
    8. Shubshub
      Can you please message me the tracking number for my 3DS :) Thanks
    9. isaacclarke
      I have a bricked n3ds after the sysnand (instead of rednand) got downgraded to 2.1. Blue power light only indication it powers on. Could you PM me for a hardmod price quote? Thanks!
      1. NicestRicest
        Hello Hundshamer. I too have a bricked Original 3DS. I believe I'm at the same issue and step as isaaclarke where I screwed up (Black screen after 2.1 downgrade attempt). Please PM me for a price quote too. Thank you.
        Jul 11, 2016
    10. Zachers
      Well, I have a bricked o3DS. PM me and stuff please, you will get moneys.
    11. LeifEricson
      Hey, I'd like to get a O3DS XL downgraded from 11.0 to 9.2. Please PM me if you can do that for me and we can discuss prices.
    12. Jared96
      Have a couple questions regarding getting a N3ds xl and maybe a regular 3ds hardmoded if you do those as well. Send me a PM, thanks.
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      2. Kendrick5172
        Exactly as the same guy above! Not sure how to do a profile post or conversation since I just made this account to ask you about the price and other details. Send me a message whenever you can!
        Jul 5, 2016
      3. N19HTL1F3
        also have some questions about the prices for hardmod
        Jul 5, 2016
      4. Volan360
        Same as original post, but just for O3ds.
        Jul 14, 2016
    13. owltalon012
      Hi, I was wondering if you do repair services for the 2DS?
    14. BOO23
      Hey, So I have an old 3ds (2011 250 dollar-biggest mistake ever- edition) with 11.0 installed and I was wondering if I could please send it in to you for a downgrade to 9.2.0.

      Old 3DS Aqua Blue
      Version: 11.0.0-32

      Can we please work out the details through PM, Thanks :DDD
    15. Shubshub
      Still waiting on my one :) Any eta on when that might be ^_^; pm me if possible thanks
    16. meizme
      I have two 3ds' for my boys that during part 3 step 26
      Update your RedNAND to the latest version using system settings (Once you exit System Settings / SD Card Management you will be returned to SysNAND, make sure to enter back into RedNAND before updating!)
      it updated the sysnand to 11.0.0-33U
      Can you tell me how long it would take to install a hardmod, and how much it will cost?
      thank you.
      1. Juniorblade22
        Hello im new here i was wondering how much do you charge for hardmodding my new 3DS XL so pm me please
        Jun 24, 2016
    17. Mikemk
      How much do you charge for a New 3DS XL hardmod, where are you, and will you provide a modded SD card?
    18. DeathChaos25
      Question, what screw driver do you use to take apart the 3DS?

      I need to replace the SD card reader on my O3DS XL since it died, but the screw are just so goddamn tiny.
      1. HeartlessSeph
        Jun 23, 2016
      2. DeathChaos25
        I already have a replacement reader, I just need to disassemble my 3DS and actually replace it.
        Jun 23, 2016
    19. Mattaniel297
      Finally got my 3DS back from Hundshamer after 2.5 months. Lost hope at one point but he did come through after sorting out his life problems after which he worked very quickly. His work was very clean and he even set up Luma3DS without being asked. I quickly and easily restored all of my software. Now that he's more ready to do hardmods, I can recommend him.
      1. Tweek132
        I am sorry to comment here, I am new and can not find out how to private message you hundshamer. I am in need of a hardmod on my new 3ds xl thats on 11.0 could you please contact me thanks
        Jun 20, 2016
    20. zBeeblebrox
      Vouch for Hundshamer. Really awesome work he did, very very nice. Soooo happy I can play my 3DS again.

      This console was a gift from my wife. The vinyl cover on my console looks like it hasn't even been touched.

      This modder is a hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is.

      Just wow. More than impressed with the work.

      If only I knew more about A9LH. Time to browse the forums.
      Edit: What to do next ^
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