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I apologize if I can no respond with my normal speeds. I have to wait until Friday before my ISP transfers my service to my new place. Oct 13, 2015

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Feb 13, 2016 at 6:30 AM
    1. EliteGamer105
      Hello, I am looking for a Old 3DS hardmod & downgrade from 10.5 to 9.2. Can I PM you the questions since I can't have more than 420 characters? Would it also be possible without NAND backup?
    2. heero01
      Hi i have a n3ds on 10.4 would you be able to hard mod it if so how much is the service cost .
    3. Christpher Suárez
      Christpher Suárez
      I need my Old3dsXL hardmoded... with my nand.bin... (half-bricked [3d screen check stays, even if I put the "thing" all the way up]
      How much would it be?
    4. Age135
      I've got a few questions.

      i have a Old3DS XL

      1. what are all your offers @ what Prices?

      2. if there is more then 1 offer then whats the benefits of each?
      Should i keep the hardmod why & why not

      3. will i need to buy the parts for the hard mod or is it a Parts + services thing.

      4 assuming i do this.. how will i go about paying you?
    5. NT1998
      So how would I pay you for a hardmod? Through Paypal or something?
    6. NT1998
      Okay just heard about you from a bunch of people on the IRC the few others (okay maybe not few) that are much would it cost to get a n3dsXL to be hardmodded? And is it possible to see your handywork on other models?
    7. RoyRogersMcFreely
      Hi, I just found out about you and your hardmod service. I have a N3DSXL and would like you to hardmod it. Do I need to get parts first? What is the range of your price for this?
    8. xchildx
      Hey, can i get an estimate on new 3ds service? if possible id like to do it this week, thanks
    9. seijinshu
      I have a friend that wants to hard mod his o3ds xl to downgrade, and he needs it by Thursday. How much shall it cost?
    10. Robert McCoy
      Robert McCoy
      Hi, my n3ds (small version) is bricked due to my stupidity, but I do have a nand backup I made myself for this system weeks ago. Could you pm me about a possible hardmod service?
    11. WindozeNT
      How much would it cost for a N3DS XL hardmod (as well as for O3DS XL and 2DS)?
    12. Nyaan
      Hi, I was wondering if I could get a price estimate on hardmod of a N3DSXL. Thanks!
    13. D0gee_
      How much does a hardmod on a n3DSXL cost? Do you accept paypal or bitcoin? Also where can I find shipping info.
    14. Yacine
      Hi I wanna Unbrick My New 3ds XL
      i Bricked It With SysUpdater
      (I Turned Off When i Was downgrading)
      I Cant Give U Something To replace Money? Beacause im in Algeria we havent $ or € and Im 13Years Old i havent Other Way To Give U Money?
      Please i have my 3ds from 1Year Help Me ;(
      1. hundshamer
        I am ope to trades, but they have to be worth more than I am asking for mods.
        Feb 2, 2016
    15. akira123
      My nub friend wants an unbricking done on his new 3DS, however he doesn't have a GBAtemp account, is there any other way he can contact you?
      1. Yacine
        Feb 2, 2016
      2. akira123
        Feb 2, 2016
    16. impulseADH
      I am wondering how much you charge for a n3ds xl hardmod? Do you have capacity atm?

    17. StrangeGhost
      Hi,i would like to know how much you would charge to hardmod a N3ds xl.
    18. Azarvc
      Hello, looking for shipping info and prices on hardmodding and downgrading a n3ds on 10. 4. If you have capacity. Thanks!
    19. jedixscum
      Hi, I was wondering what you charge to hardmod and downgrade a 3ds xl? Mine was unfortunately upgraded to 10.4.0-29U and id really like to downgrade to 9.2.
    20. Chris Randall
      Chris Randall
      Hello great and wise hundshamer. I come to you in my time of need, because my stupidity got to the best of me yet again. I accidentally updated and now I am on 10.4.0-29U and would like to downgrade to 9.2 so I can get CFW and do all sorts of fun things on it. Could you please PM with info on the pricing and availability of the hardmod/downgrade service? Thank you
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