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Wish I could make a living at this, but bills are piling up. *sigh* Time for a "real" job. This will help fund my hobbies. Jun 8, 2015

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    1. midlite
      Hi hundshamer, searching for a solution to a problem and I kept seeing your name pop up. A family member updated my wife's 3ds sysnand to 9.8 (not accidently, bastard knew what he was doing!) and it looks like a hardmod is the only fix. I'm pretty sure I have a 4.5 backup on my pc, would you be able to help me out?
    2. XDel
      I'm in the same boat as Monado and need the same service.
    3. Monado_III
      So... I have a issue on my 3ds where whenever I start it, all I see is a black screen and nothing happens except however, the blue LED turns on as well the the 3d LED by the 3d slider but nothing actually starts. I've been told I need a hard mod which I would do myself but I don't have a fine enough soldering kit. Could I pay you to do it for me? I can't do anything on my 3ds right now.
    4. bitjacker
      i want to do the nand mod on my 3dsxl myself, but need to know where you get the cable connecter from? i am on 7.0.14u is there any point in backing up? will something ever happen through ninjhax or staplehax that i can safely downgrade to 4?
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      2. bitjacker
        i was just of the thinking that i should wait till next gen to buy a flashcart. nintendo could still make an update to block even sky carts
        Jun 17, 2015
      3. bitjacker
        is there no way to get a 2012 cart working on a 3ds so it doesnt show in the log? it is one of those r4 clones that works with rikku's acecard software
        Jun 17, 2015
      4. hundshamer
        I don't know. I deal more with hardware, sorry.
        Jun 17, 2015
    5. Tony_93
      Hey I screwed it up, updated to 9.8 but still have a NAND from 5 something. Can you help me out?
    6. OctopusRift
      Hey man... I don't know if you need money right now, but could you possibly do a hardmod for me? I'll pay you a reasonable amount! I'm in HS so I don't have too much time on my hands, but, I'd love to make this happen.
    7. tripletap007
      Hey, got a 8.1J nand.bin backup but my girlfriend accidentally updated my N3DS to 9.8. Any help with a hard mod? Thanks.
    8. hundshamer
      Wish I could make a living at this, but bills are piling up. *sigh* Time for a "real" job. This will help fund my hobbies.
    9. hundshamer
      I wish it were a less sporadic income. It is about the equivalent of a part time job, on average.
      1. MajinCubyan
        I heard that.
        Jun 5, 2015
    10. zoogie
      You're making a killing here. Need to learn soldering.
    11. Slasher115
      Hello, i messaged you about getting a nand mod installed on my pal n3ds, whenever you get time i would like to discuss business thanks
    12. Chapala
      Hello. I read that you may be able to help unbrick my 3ds XL. I was lazy and I tried to update the emunand with super smash bros.
      please let me know if you are willing to give it a try and let me how much your service costs. I also have an old 3ds that is on 9.7 system nand, could you lower that firmware?

      I have NAND.BIN for both?

      Thank you very much.
    13. saubry2192
      Hi, I was sent here by Ronhero from maxconsole. I updated the sysnand instead of the emunand and i was if you can help me fix it.
    14. Imhullu
      Hello there. I was given your name to possibly help with restoring the sysNAND on my N3DS. If you're willing to do so, and you're not busy, please contact me if and when you're available. Thank you.
    15. escequi
      Hello, hit me up if ur the guy that does the hardmods for 3ds? It's an o3ds (non-xl), wondering if u can do it? BTW I'm from brazil, so i'll check shipping price, etc, because there is this guy from BR that is charging 50 dollars to do it, i think its too damm high for soldering a few points, lol...
    16. ikithme
      Hey hundshamer, I've been talking to ronhero about a hardmod, he mentioned you and was wondering if we can chat about hardmodding a dedicated n3ds. I appreciate it. Thank you.
    17. Tyger24
      Hello hundshamer i would like to speak to you about a 3ds hard mod. My sysnand unfortunately was updated to 9.6 and was wondering if you could mod my 3ds.
      If so get back to me asap and let me know please.
    18. KineticSonata
      Hey :)
      I'm told that you're the man to talk to about an unbricking. I would gladly compensate you for your services. Let me know if you're interested.

    19. Pip421
      Hey Mr.Hundshamer, Total noob here.. I bricked my 3ds xl using gateway after updating to play smash bros. Can you fix it for me? It would be much appreciated.
    20. Wii dUde
      Wii dUde
      Dear hundshamer ,

      I have recently just bricked my 3ds xl. I was using a gateway 3ds. It shows 2 black screens when I boot it up. Can you help me unbrick it?
      Thank you.
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