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Playing trumpets for Persona 5, Male, 19

I'm guessing GameStop is breaking Danganronpa 2's street date. Just found 2 copies at mine. Aug 26, 2014 at 9:07 PM

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    1. MegaAce™
      How long did it take you to finish Danganronpa 2? You think I might manage in a week? :D
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      2. MegaAce™
        Was thinking about borrowing it for a week, but if I don't have to spend money on Disgaea 4, then I probably will keep Danganronpa 2
        Aug 26, 2014 at 11:29 PM
      3. GameWinner
        Just do it. This game was amazing and probably the best visual novel I've ever played.
        Aug 26, 2014 at 11:31 PM
      4. MegaAce™
        Will do then. :D
        I borrowed the first one to experience the gameplay, because I've seen the anime already so I didn't need to play it for the story. Second one is all new to me. (Probably to most, as it only came out in Japan on the PSP)
        Aug 26, 2014 at 11:35 PM
    2. GameWinner
      I'm guessing GameStop is breaking Danganronpa 2's street date. Just found 2 copies at mine.
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      2. MegaAce™
        Still have to wait till the fifth September. ;(
        Maybe I'm allowed to take mine one day earlier.
        Aug 26, 2014 at 10:10 PM
    3. GameWinner
      Danganronpa 2 :DDD
    4. GameWinner
      Noooo, Disgaea 4 freezing glitch found. :(
    5. GameWinner
      Disgaea 4 demo out for Vita tomorrow for anyone on the fence. IIRC it included 4 or 5 battles in the Japanese demo.
    6. GameWinner
      My Disgaea 4 order shipped. I hope it arrives soon~
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      2. MegaAce™
        I still have to wait until the 28th or 29th :(
        Aug 9, 2014
    7. GameWinner
      Just got the news that Troy Baker isn't reprising his role as Kanji. ;_;
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      2. weavile001
        I hope the next Guy´s voice isn't that Different from Troy´s....
        I can't picture anyone else saying: C´mere!, Take-Mikazuchi!.
        Jul 23, 2014
      3. Hyro-Sama
        I guess he's moving on to greener pastures. Makes sense considering the reception around his latest outing. (The Last of Us.)
        Jul 23, 2014
      4. FireEmblemGuy
        If I recall he got replaced during the second half of the anime dub (which I never actually watched) by Matt Mercer (Leon S. Kennedy, Chrom, and a couple others I don't remember). I heard good things about his performance, anyways, and I assume he'd be coming back again.

        Honestly I don't care what voices they replace as long as they don't fuck up Adachi.
        Jul 23, 2014
    8. GameWinner
      Why is the DLC for Fire Emblem so damn expensive!?
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      2. Yepi69
        It gets cheaper if you fight for your friends.
        Jul 19, 2014
      3. Duo8
        Because they're good DLCs.
        Jul 19, 2014
      4. GamerzHell9137
        @Yepi Only if ur friends with money ;O;
        Jul 19, 2014
    9. GameWinner
      2 for 1 sale starts today on PSN. Thinking about the Corpse Party and GTA bundles for my Vita.
    10. GameWinner
      lol no rayman for Smash Bros
      1. clarky
    11. GameWinner
      Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will NOT be region locked. emigre cries tears of joy
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      2. emigre
        I;m crywanking cus I'm so happy
        Jul 10, 2014
      3. MegaAce™
        Let's see how big the difference between releases will be.
        Jul 10, 2014
    12. GameWinner
      Could Sony get away with price dropping the Vita to $99?
      1. Nathan Drake
        Nathan Drake
        They already take a loss on every system. Price dropping that far would absolutely murder any profit they make from the sale of the memory card as well, and it would likely put the Vita out of production.
        Jul 10, 2014
    13. GameWinner
      Holy crap! I just got a shiny Cyndaquil as my starter in SoulSilver.
      1. jonthedit
        I thought you said you were hit by a car?
        Jul 2, 2014
      2. GameWinner
        I never said that.
        Jul 2, 2014
    14. GameWinner
      I um..preordered the Destiny PS4 bundle on Amazon. I have some time to cancel but I don't think I will.
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      2. TheDarkSeed
        Don't. You won't regret it. The alpha showed lots of promise.
        Jun 20, 2014
      3. BortzANATOR
        We can be white power bros together
        Jun 20, 2014
    15. GameWinner
      I should really use my free time to plow through my backlog. :/
      1. TyBlood13
        I've been meaning to do the same
        Jun 16, 2014
      2. Duo8
        I've tried but found myself on the Internet instead.
        Jun 16, 2014
    16. GameWinner
      Pacman is confirmed
      1. GamerzHell9137
        Agu Agu Agu.... get it?..... :'(
        Jun 11, 2014
    17. GameWinner
      Mario Kart 8 is very addicting! :O
      1. Sicklyboy
        Pfft. /Kasual Kart 8/ you mean :P lol, kidding, played it at my buddy's house, it's great. Love it.
        Jun 8, 2014
    18. GameWinner
      Persona Q, Dancing and Ultimax will all be at E3 and with new trailers next week :D
      1. weavile001
        Persona Q is probably my most anticipated game of this year! can´t wait for it!
        Jun 5, 2014
    19. GameWinner
      Playing Nintendo WiFi Connection supported games is an awful experience
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    20. GameWinner
      Hoenn is confirmed, yes.
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