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I am too busy IRL these days..., Male

Dafuq is this bullshit? http://i.imgur.com/9RZPCDE.png Stupid Mediafire, they took down the LITE version, but not the full version. Idiots. Feb 6, 2013

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Dec 16, 2014 at 11:52 AM
    1. Sabinremson
      Hi damysteryman...I deleted my ios 58 on vwii...I was told you could create a modded wad manager to reinstall the wad. I have no ACHPROT access. Can you help me?
    2. DeadPixelMan
      Hi i recently came across your post of your 3ds xl micro usb mod, i was wondering if you do commissions? I have a 3ds xl on 4.3 that is not bricked and i would like if you with do exactly what you did to yours to mine. What would you charge, im in the usa i hope we can work something out.
    3. welfer12
      el Programa en sí cierra solo Alguna solucion
      NSMBW_Mod_ISO_Builder_v1.03 el programa se cierra cualquier solución
    4. Terrable
      dude, is darkcorp actually necesary these days? i want to download it but i'm not sure so asking you is alright isn't it?
      1. damysteryman
        Jul 14, 2013
    5. DeltaDon
      Newer and Holiday patched and ran ok, fwiw.
      I posted part of the patching output screen where it refers to patching the bin/dol.
      I used cleanrip and checked the hash/checksums to be sure it's good.
      I ran it on "Another" as well, but haven't ran it yet and don't think there was any errors.
      Let me know if I can be of more assistance in getting the patch tested.
    6. damysteryman
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      2. JoostinOnline
        It's the LITE version, which doesn't include any IOS.
        Mar 25, 2013
      3. damysteryman
        Yeah, exactly, that is where MF fails. Ah well, no matter though, DARKCORP is not really needed anymore, and the Full version is still around anyway :)
        Apr 16, 2013
      4. Kippykip
        Use dropbox, mediafire always deletes stuff :\
        Apr 27, 2013
    7. damysteryman
      Dafuq is this bullshit?:
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