i thought the slower you burn a wii game

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  1. CJL18

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    the better it will play? Well it's the opposite for me i burned force unleashed at 4x on a sony dvd and it wouldnt get passed the title screeen before i got a disk read error. so i burn at 16x this time and it plays pefect. Same with my other games i dont get disk read errors anymore if i burn at 16x. NAyone else like this?
  2. Calogero91

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    Dec 8, 2002
    I find i get alot of problems buring at anything higher than 4x, I burn all my games at 1x with ImgBurn and they work perfectly.
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    It has been proved a lot of times that FASTER is BETTER. Just search around these forums and you'll find a lot of proof-topics with ImgBurn graphs.
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    Drives are calibrated at higher speeds for write quality these days, so the burn-slowly-for-quality school of thought has been dead for awhile.

    I burn my 8x DVD media at 8x. I use a good (LiteOn) drive with good (Taiyo Yuden) media, so no problems.
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    I burn everything at the full speed of my burner (8x) on Taiyo Yuden media. I haven't had a DRE on one of my burnt games for probably over a year. Until today when I used my original media Twilight Princess for a twilight hack install and got a DRE on my original disk. Go figure.