ZXDS v0.9.0 BETA-1 3/12/09

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    [​IMG] ZXDS v0.9.0 BETA-1 3/12/09

    ZXDS, an emulator of Sinclair ZX Spectrum for Nintendo DS, has received an update. In its current state the EMU supports "Spectrum 48k, 128k and Pentagon models (including sound), or support for TAP/TZX/PZX tape files, TRD/SCL disk files and RZX playback files."

    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source
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  2. tirges

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    Feb 2, 2008
    This is a cool release! Downloading and playing games straight of 'World of Spectrum' really works :-)

    ps. the only way I got this to run on my M3Real was through DSKiosk...
  3. Tanas

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    Aug 19, 2006
    This is by far the best Speccy emulator on any handheld system, and the best emulator on the DS.

    tigres, it doesnt work on the iTouch either, because the iTouch is based on the same code as the M3 Real code.
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