ZXDS 0.5.1 beta 1 released

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    ZXDS 0.5.1 beta 1 released

    early release of a ZX Spectrum emulator

    Patrick Rak has released ZXDS, it is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum for Nintendo DS with a solid feature list for an early release.

    [title:Feature list]

    * Solid Z80 core - the Z80 emulation is as complete as I want it to be. It includes all documented and undocumented instructions, each modifying the documented and undocumented flags as it should (the only little exception being the BIT N,(HL) which modifies the undocumented flags 5 and 3 differently, as the MEMPTR register is deliberately not emulated). This was verified with both the ZEXDOC and ZEXALL tests. Apart from the emulation of contented memory and contented port I/O, each instruction modifies the T state properly as well. The emulator also implements all other subtle details of Z80 I know of, including proper IRQ sampling and blocking (missed/double IRQ, delayed EI, IX/IY prefix blocking) and P/V fix for interrupted LD A,I/R instruction.

    * Full 128k paging support - the memory paging of ZX Spectrum 128k is fully implemented. This includes both ROM and RAM bank paging and shadow screen support.

    * Reasonable 48k and 128k sound emulation - both 48k speaker and 128k AY-3-8912 chip are emulated. The emulation is pretty much exact, though the speaker could still use some oversampling to make it sound better.

    * Reasonable screen emulation - the screen display code does all it should, including color, bright and flash support. It just samples the screen once per frame, though, so don't expect any multicolor features to work yet.

    * Primitive border emulation - the border color is simply mapped to the background color of the touch screen. Not as good as the real thing, but at least it avoids the scaling problem.

    * Reasonable 48k/128k snapshot support - the emulator should load any SNA or Z80 snapshot just fine. Word of warning is appropriate here as well: beware that preparing snapshot (SNA one in particular) carelessly can easily result in a non-working one, so make sure your snapshot works in other emulators first.

    * Reasonable TAP support - TAP files are fully supported, and loaded at high speed whenever possible.

    * Reasonable TZX support - apart from flow control blocks (loop, call, jump, select) and CSW and GDB data blocks, the TZX files are fully supported. Loading at high speeds is used whenever possible as well.

    * Reasonable PZX support - PZX tape files are fully supported, too. You can find more about this format here.

    * Automatic control of the virtual tape deck - the emulator tries to automatically start and stop the virtual tape deck as necessary. There is no manual control yet, though, nor is any fast forward/rewind control.

    * Basic save state support - there are 10 save slots for storing the save state both in memory and (when possible) on card in Z80 snapshot format.
    * Limited input support - although both keyboard and kempston joystick are technically supported, the user friendlyness is still far from perfect.
    * Basic file requester support - the file requester allows you to browse directories and choose the files.

    [​IMG] ZXDS Homepage

    Source dev-fr.org

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    Mar 4, 2006
    Yes I saw this a few days ago, and I' m not ashamed to say that I visit ZXDS homepage at least twice a day hoping for an update.
    I really love this emulator, for what it's meant to do is nearly perfect, it only lacks a real UI, but at least almost everything else is in there, like excellent CPU emulation, sound , 128K compatibility, TZX, TAP, PZX, Z80 and SNA support it means that you can run almost any Spectrum games on earth.
    I'm looking forward to the next updates, even though it's so good already that it's like a dream come true, at least for us kids from the 80's.
    I never enjoyed playing so much Spectrum games as I do now on the DS, it's really much more enjoyable, and it's nice to give another shot at games that I gave up on nearly 20 years ago !!

    Thanks Patrick, we do really appreciate it.
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    oh the memories
    the zx spectrum 48 was the first proper computer i owned
    still love it to this day
  4. rest0re

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    Dec 23, 2006
    woah need to try it out
  5. crafton48

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    Sep 28, 2006
    This is really cool, used to use the GBA emulator a fair bit too, time to play through all the Dizzy games again I think.

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    Jul 23, 2007
    I have to get this, then the World of Spectrum website is going to get a beating !
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    Working great so far for me. At times like these, I wish there was a hand recognition lib or API for homebrew alongside the keyboard.