ZombiU arena question *spoilers*

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    I just did the survival arena and completed it. It was a pain in the ***. After you completed it you can get some items in the back of the arena, but I didn't get them yet. I wanted to save first, but now I want to go back to get the items. But I'm not sure that if I go too the arena again I have to do that all over again. Or if you beat the arena it is done?

    I want to get the items but I don't want to do the hole arena all over again so that's why I'm asking.

    I hope someone can give me an anwser.

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    If you go back, then the arena will be repopulated with a few random zombies, but nothing as dangerous as the arena itself. It's also much darker as the lights are all out now. All of you loot, and then some, is kept in a lockpick-able room right past where you got your bugout bag. Once you get your loot, that is is and you can go back to the safehouse/next objective.

    Good luck! The arena is basically the last big hurdle. Yeah you can die at other sections, but that is by far the hardest part to do without dying imo.