ZOE3 Confirmed (ZONE OF ENDERS 3) + Interview with Hideo Kojima

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    French gaming website Jeux Video have posted an interview wtih Hideo Kojima during his time at the Japan Expo in Paris today. In this interview, which has been Google Translated from French to English, he talks about things like cut content from Peace Walker and how he still can’t tell you what MGS 3DS is. But did he just confirm Zone of the Enders 3?

    Here’s the interview and a nice picture. Of course, since it’s Google Translated some of the wording is probably inaccurate. If a properly translated version pops up i’ll post that as soon as I can.

    jeuxvideo.com> Are there elements that you could not include in MGS Peace Walker, lack of time or simply because of the technical limitations of the PSP?

    Hideo Kojima: Yes, of course. For example, there should be ten more players. And we saved a ton of additional dialogue for people already in the game. In fact, we have misjudged the storage capacity of the PSP.

    jeuxvideo.com> Can you tell us about MGS Snake Eater “Naked Sample”, 3DS version of MGS 3?

    Hideo Kojima: Samples of the game 3DS we showed at E3 was actually an experiment combining MGS with a handheld offering 3D. I only had two months to create it. And that’s one reason why we have titled The Naked Sample. That said, I can assure you that 3DS has a good version of MGS leveraging 3D technology with the naked eye. But for now, I can not tell you what will be the final title.

    jeuxvideo.com> With MGS: Rising, you are now going to beat ‘em. Why this new direction?

    Hideo Kojima: I do not mind the design of this game as I’m the executive producer. My role is to give maximum freedom to my young team developing this capacity and thus to ensure that it meets no obstacle at the administrative level. The action orientation and the very concept of MGS Rising – it is possible to decide anything – are ideas that come from my team.

    jeuxvideo.com> Why is the lead character Raiden in MGS Rising? His presence as a hero in MGS 2 was heavily criticized by players…

    Hideo Kojima: With MGS 4, Raiden’s popularity became quite high. I think the young developers who worked on MGS 4 were much attached to the character and naturally they wanted to make the hero of their game. They said that their desire, through MGS Rising, was to make Raiden again cooler than in MGS 4. Moreover, in Japan, Raiden is almost as popular as Snake, even after MGS2.

    jeuxvideo.com> A rumor says that you are preparing for a Zone of the Enders 3. What is it exactly?

    Hideo Kojima: Actually, this is not a rumor (laughs). My team and I want to develop a new ZOE but it turns out Kojima Productions has limited resources in terms of teams and directors. So at this stage we have not yet had time to work on ZOE 3 which has been postponed on the calendar. However, I think after MGS Rising, I will look seriously at ZOE.

    jeuxvideo.com> What are the games you are involved in now?

    Hideo Kojima: We are working on three projects simultaneously: MGS Rising, the port of the MGS franchise on 3DS and then another title that should be quite important and that I want to take care of the implementation and design. Not to mention my work as producer on the next Castlevania and ZOE I’m very busy these days.

    jeuxvideo.com> What is your role exactly on the new Castlevania?

    Hideo Kojima: It’s not really work as a producer I make on this game because Kojima Productions is not very involved. It is rather a job as co-executive producer with Konami Digital Entertainment. While in Japan, Castlevania has always been popular, it is not true in Europe and the USA. So this is where I intervene at the level of business and not the creative side, to ensure the success of the promotion.

    jeuxvideo.com> Thank you Kojima

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    No, if written right, he confirmed he wants to dust off the series for a 4th go around (there was a third, a GBA spinoff) with the series. Resources are limited, Konami calls the shots, but he wants to try it after yet another MGS is put to bed. So if they give him the room and will just let snake bake out in the sun for a couple years he could do such a thing.
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    Sweet if it ever happens. Despite my difficulty in following the plot, I still enjoyed the first two. I still have 2nd Runner around here somewhere, picked it up for £3.99 in a Blockbusters sale 'cause it's missing the original packaging. Great game though. I'd love to see Jehuty or whatever its successor is in high def, Zero-Shifting around in an epic battle with lasers flying all over the damn place and shit exploding on every inch on the screen, that'd kick so much ass, easily moreso than another game with Raiden as the main character. Plus ADA was always fuckin' awesome. To the point where my DS speaks with ADA's voice. Well, Moonshell does, but one day I'll figure out how to get it working properly.