Znax 1.0

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    Znax 1.0

    a flash game ported to the DS

    Znax is a puzzle where the objective is to clear the board of colored blocks to score points. You can only do so by enclosing them in a rectangle whose corners are formed by four colored blocks of the same color (the "lines" and the inside can be as rainbow as you want, but the four corners must be of the same color).

    Birslip has ported that flash game to the DS.

    The following picture should give you an idea of the objective.


    [​IMG] Znax ver 1.0

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    Oct 16, 2006
    i used to play a game like this all the time. quite good [​IMG] going to try it once i have the chance [​IMG]
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    has anybody been able to get this to work on the R4 card