Zelda Twilight Princess & Hermes Uloader v5.1D

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by mikeyt1998, Jan 17, 2011.

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    I know that Zelda Twilight Princess was a trouble game in early USB Loaders and i'm pretty sure there is a definite solution to this now, i just can't find it anywhere after searching for a few weeks and so i've returned to GBAtemp after months to ask this favour!

    Can i get it to work through Hermes Uloader 5.1d? any particular IOS versions need installing or that the game needs to be loaded with to get the game to load properly?

    the issue i have isnt the booting of the game, i get the wrist strap screen, i get the title screen (press A+B) and i get the main enter your name and horse name, but soon as i start adventure, it freezes, i get stuck on a black screen.

    i'm using hermes cIOS222, 37 merged 38 to load the game, and i'm sure the early USB loaders couldn't load this game at all due to different IOS being used for it, it was the same issue for red steel too i think.

    dying to play it on the new 50" 3D (thats right 3D [​IMG] ) HD TV we got but the damn thing just wont work! [​IMG]

    if you need any info on my problem at all t help out just ask and i'll give you what i missed out, or if it just doesnt work i'll settle for another loader if i can be bothered to download it, thats half my problem, lazyness [​IMG]

    one thing, i CANNOT load through disc channel at all because my drive broke about a year ago, i think so thats a no no... just waiting on a triwing to come so i can open her up and clean the lens, dont wanna spend 14 quid on those discs with brushes to clean your lens, whats wrong with 1 quid triwing and some effort?? haha

    cheers guys and i'm glad to be back [​IMG]