Zelda Save Problem

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    Jul 13, 2008
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    All right, here is the problem. I was playing zelda on supercard ds one and put many hours into it, getting relatively far, saved and decided to go messing around with different things. I went to multisaver and was like ohh crap lets copy my sav just in case so i hit copy and .. couldnt figure it out .. and tapped my actual save .. and... overwrote my sav with a blank one. i lost a few hours on that but i remembered i tried using real time save quite a few times, but real time save with zelda is glittchy and unreliable..

    I then loaded it up and resaved but it continues to be corrupt.. so i would rather not take a chance of losing my sav by using rts. Is there a way to sav it without it being corrupt.. Right now i'm goign to try converting it to a no$gba sav and running it with taht .. although i dont expect any differences. Perhaps you know a way?

    I couldnt use the converter uploading problems so i will search for a place in the game that usually real time saves without glitches .. probably when on the boat.. and just sav there from now and til forever.. if you have any ideas, they would be appreciated.